How to spell GOUGHT correctly?

We think the word gought is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell gought correctly

  • aught Neither he nor you have aught to fear, for you are both in safe hands."
  • cough I have pains in my head and cough a little."
  • court You will please tell the court in your own words ...
  • dough "My dough, my pleasure...
  • doughty Mr. Doughty belongs neither to our own nor to any other age, but he has not been without influence upon men of our time.
  • doughy When soda and cream of tartar are mixed dry, they do not react on each other, neither do they combine rapidly in cold moist dough, but as soon as the heat of the oven penetrates the doughy mass, the cream of tartar combines with the soda and sets free the gas needed to raise the dough.
  • goat Horses were unknown, for the ox, sheep, goat and dog were over all South Africa the only domesticated quadrupeds.
  • gouda This was the last effort in this direction, for already a body of Amsterdam merchants had formed a company for trafficking to India by the Cape; and four ships had sailed, April 2, 1596, under the command of Cornelis Houtman, a native of Gouda.
  • gouge The inside gouge may be ground a little keener than the chisel, and requires great care in grinding, because it must be held on the corner of the grindstone, which is rarely of the desired curve.
  • gouger My trees are troubled with canker worm, root aphis, flathead borer, roundhead borer, woolly aphis, and leaf-roller, and my apples with codling-moth, curculio, and gouger.
  • gourd But he could not find it, and exclaimed with surprise: "How damp and cold it is-this is clay, and our jar was a gourd."
  • gourde Diane swears by her trusty water bottle filled with Gourde.
  • gout I have gout and need to take medication to control the pain.
  • gouty
  • gut
  • naught I feel naught but emptiness inside.
  • nougat
  • nought It's impossible to be nine without chocolate.
  • ought
  • sought
  • taught
  • thought I thought of you when I was singing the song for the audition.
  • wrought The wrought iron gate was a focal point of the garden.
  • Bought But if he bought Hillside Farm, what motive would lie at the back of it?
  • Caught A star caught it to its white-edged blue riband-and that was the coveted Star of India.
  • Fought It was along the outer ridges of these ravines, and through the churchyard of St. Etienne, that our trenches were drawn, the village itself being the most advanced British post; and it was along these ridges, and in the street of this village, that the action of the 14th of April was fought.
  • Got 329. Have you ever got lines for your shawls?
  • Gouged The lane we wandered up had been, and was still in places, a watercourse, and we struggled along the steep chasms gouged out of the soft soil, and clambered over rocks which had withstood the torrent.

List of 35 words made from the word gought

4 letter words made from gought:

hugo, gogh, tuoh, thou, ough, hogg, tugg, tugh, gout, ugoh, huot, guto, gthu, thog, tuho, guth, tohu, thug, hout, goth, goht, hugg.

5 letter words made from gought:

tough, ought, gough, ougth.

3 letter words made from gought:

hog, gut, tug, tog, out, hut, tho, hug, hot.

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