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How to spell LAIS correctly?

The misspelling "lais" can be corrected in a number of ways, depending on the intended word. If it's supposed to be "lease", the correct spelling is with an "e". If it's supposed to be "laces", the correct spelling is with a "c". Other possibilities could include "laid" or "lies".

List of suggestions on how to spell lais correctly

  • Ais Your laptop is acting up again, it's probably time to take it in for Ais
  • dais The speaker stood on the dais, looking out at the audience.
  • LABS The LABS are fully equipped with the latest technology and equipment.
  • lads The lads are planning on playing soccer this afternoon.
  • lags
  • laid I laid down for a while after my long day.
  • Lain She had left her laptop on the kitchen table, Lain right in the middle of the keyboard.
  • lair
  • lairs The cunning coyote had several different lairs hidden throughout the forest.
  • laius
  • LAMS He is wearing a LAMS shirt.
  • laos The country of Laos is in Central and Southeast Asia.
  • LAPS I completed ten laps around the swimming pool today.
  • Lars Lars is going to Switzerland for his summer vacation.
  • lass I can't believe you would treat your daughter like that - she's only a LASS!
  • lats I can feel my lats getting sore from all the pull-ups I did yesterday.
  • LAVS
  • laws It's important to follow the laws to maintain a safe and orderly society.
  • lays She lays the newspaper on the table every morning.
  • LEIS I bought a few leis for the party as decorations.
  • Lois No one has ever claimed to know what happened to Lois.
  • Luis I Luis can't believe that he forgot to bring the beer.

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