Correct spelling for LANTER

We think the word lanter is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for lanter

  • ante The ante-room door opened.
  • banter Virginia had long since gone to bed, and Sam Reddon, who had dropped in for dinner in the absence of his wife from the city, had left after an evening of banter and chit-chat....
  • canter "Oh, Owen, we won't go there," he said, when Fitzgerald proposed a canter through some meadows down by the river-side.
  • lancer The hours passed thus lazily along, when the door suddenly opened, and an officer in the dress of a lancer of the guard stood for an instant before me, and then, springing forward, clasped me by both hands, and called out,- "Charles, mon ami, c'est bien toi?"
  • land However, since land was before our eyes, we must get nearer to it first.
  • lander We travel pretty nee' the whole while, Mr. Lander and me, and we see folks everywhere, and it a'n't the custom to refuse any moa.
  • lane Often had this hunter heard the name which the Indian called him; he had been there before, a prisoner; he had run the gauntlet down the lane; he had been bound to a stake in front of the lodge where his captors were now leading him.
  • lantern "Then fetch a lantern.
  • late He walked without looking about him, like one who is late.
  • later Then he pronounced the last words: " Later, give me your prayers; now, your kiss."
  • latter The latter word is also used in Leicestershire.
  • launder Unaware of that police had identified them in Hamm and Bremers kidnapping, the Barker–Karpis gang attempted to launder the money they had extorted, convinced (correctly) that the FBI had recorded the serial numbers.
  • leander When his valet at length, after many vain efforts, is able to gain a hearing, and tells him of his formidable rival, Leander, and how he has already won the lady's heart, all his rage is turned against that fortunate suitor, of whom he vows that he will make mince-meat as soon as he can lay hands on him.
  • leaner Bootherium was significantly taller and leaner than muskoxen found today in Arctic regions.
  • lender If some millionaire money-lender were to buy the old keep of Arundel castle, you would respect him just as much as the present earl!
  • lent The footman again struggled with the luggage and the butler Francis Minnit by name kindly lent a hand.
  • liner The Damascus, an Aberdeen liner, was a comfortable boat; she had been a short time before fitted up to take Sir Henry Loch to South Africa.
  • lint When the wound is deep and difficult to close, a bandage should be applied; and if the skin be lacerated, or the edges of the wound begin to be rough, lay on some lint dipped in sweet oil, and cover the whole with a piece of fine oil cloth.
  • liter The amniotic fluid increases in quantity up to the sixth or seventh month of pregnancy, after which it diminishes somewhat; at the end of pregnancy it amounts to about 1 liter.
  • loaner
  • loner
  • plantar
  • planter
  • ranter
  • slander
  • Leaned Terry leaned forward in his chair.
  • Loaned I loaned her my horse, and she ain't back yet.
  • latte In 2014, The most influential coffee champions of China and South Korea and champions from the Latte Art Championship joined Mellower Coffee.
  • blunter "How come you and the Dominie to be a ridin' together?" was the other lady's blunter question.
  • blander These qualities, in which their countrymen are deficient, and the blander manners which accompany them, they are apt to find well developed in European men, whatever other virtues or faults may be theirs; and when to this fact is added the spice of novelty, the strong liking that American girls manifest for foreigners, and which has been the cause of putting so many American youths in anything but a benedictory frame of mind, is easily accounted for, and the marriages which so frequently take place between our girls and European men may be explained, even on other grounds than the common exchange of money on one side and title on the other.

99 words made from the letters lanter

3 letter words made from lanter:

ent, ate, ert, lea, let, ter, rat, ant, ern, are, enl, ten, ler, rna, lat, ret, ane, tea, tar, lan, art, eta, net, eat, ale, ear, era, alt, tan.

5 letter words made from lanter:

larne, later, antle, ratel, ertan, lanre, letra, earnt, atler, lenat, neral, netra, letna, artel, ralte, taler, ntare, tarle, renta, trela, lerna, arent, erlan, terna, anter, laner, renal, alter, retal, learn, laten, naret, alert.

4 letter words made from lanter:

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