Correct spelling for LITEN

We think the word liten is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for liten

  • gluten " Gluten, I think it's called," said Norah doubtfully.
  • laden "Taking with him a few favorite books-a change of linen-he bade adieu to the home so laden with bitter memories.
  • late He has never been so late before.
  • latent And the grind of it, for the pleasure-loving wife who had buoyed herself with dreams of gaiety and delight which her life in the North had denied her, had driven her back upon the elemental that was only latent in her.
  • latin After Supper, I proposed to the Boys that we shoulde tell Stories; and Mr. Milton tolde one charminglie, but then went away to write a Latin Letter.
  • leiden Withal he had spoken so quietly, Dr. Leiden possessed a temper drawn from his Teutonic ancestors.
  • lenten The Lenten piety increases with the lengthening days.
  • lied Why had he lied about it to Karine?
  • lien It is not certain, madame, that the Court-Royal will reverse the judgment of the court restricting your lien on your husband's property, for payment of moneys due to you by the terms of your marriage-contract, to household goods and chattels.
  • lighten The strange scenes and wild adventures through which we must pass, may lighten the toils, and perhaps repay us for the perils of the journey.
  • liken When I contemplate natural knowledge squandering such gifts among men, the only appropriate comparison I can find for her is to liken her to such a peasant woman as one sees in the Alps, striding ever upward, heavily burdened, and with mind bent only on her home; but yet without effort and without thought, knitting for her children.
  • lin Sommus-Kala-ne-sha-ma-lin, said the Indian quietly; and the girl interpreted: He says, 'Good wishes to the white man.
  • linden Jessamine, honeysuckle and linden filled the air with fragrance.
  • line This was at a blockhouse just outside the New Zealand assembly line.
  • lined His eyes were lined heavily, his white cheeks had a flush of red that burnt there feverishly, and he seemed extraordinarily thin.
  • linen I only hope that you will assist me in not washing too much of our matrimonial linen in public.
  • lion " " 7. Joyeux, Joyous-Gard- Lion, Lionesse.
  • listen "Una, listen to me.
  • liston Our dinner-party consisted of old Mrs Liston, her comely niece, Mrs Temple, who by the way was a widow, Eve Liston, and myself.
  • lit The night-watchman and a policeman lit the pier lamps for them, but that's as far as they'd go.
  • litany It is interesting to note that the Fruits of the Spirit form the subject of one of the petitions in the Litany.
  • lite Lite turned and went over to it, caught it by the dragging bridle-reins, and led it into an empty stall.
  • liter The dyebath is next prepared by dissolving the necessary quantity of the dye, varying from 0.1 gm. to 10 gms. per liter.
  • litre The amount of bile which flows into the whole tract of the intestinal canal is estimated at about half a litre in the twenty-four hours; the amount of sulphur found in bile varies from .89 to 3 per cent., so that in 500 c. c. we might, by oxidising the sulphur, obtain from 2.2 to 7.5 grms.
  • litter The litter of toys and paper and boxes suggested hidden treasure.
  • liven As gray dawn quickens gradually out of darkness, a numbed indignation in his pupils began to liven into unquenchable wrath.
  • loiter To prevent the possibility of missing Warrington, Elsa had engaged the room boy to loiter about down-stairs and to report to her the moment Warrington arrived.
  • lute So that Prince Ernest, hearing the tumult in the garden, ran with his lute in his hand to see what had happened.
  • platen On the other hand, there did spring up in the next two decades a most luxuriant crop of so-called fate-tragedies, which, with their horrors, banalities and puerilities, soon brought the species into contempt and made it fair game for the telling satire of Platen.
  • ten If you don't come, I give the boys ten shillings.
  • Linton "Standing in well-timbered park lands," said Mr. Linton, fishing a paper out of his pocket, and reading from it.
  • Litton "One moment, Lady Littletown," said Litton eagerly; "I'm just starting a society for the preservation of ancient trees and old-" "Now, mon cher, that will do," said the old lady decidedly.
  • Len It was on the 11th that the opportunity of an explanation with Captain Len Guy was presented to me, and by himself, for he came out of his cabin, advanced to the side of the ship where I was seated, and took his place at my side.
  • Lipton She revelled in the afternoon tea, because it cost little-a few spoonfuls of " Lipton" and some slices of thin bread and butter-and afforded ample opportunity for that small talk, which was the essence of her life, since it enabled her to keep au fait with her neighbours' delinquencies.

39 words made from the letters liten

5 letter words made from liten:

enlit, nitel, elint, lenti, liten, inlet, tinle, leint.

3 letter words made from liten:

ent, ten, tie, nil, enl, lei, tin, lit, let, nit, lin, lie, net.

4 letter words made from liten:

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