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How to spell LLOWED correctly?

If you've mistakenly written "llowed" instead of "allowed", don't worry, it happens to the best of us. Here are a few correct suggestions that might help: "allowed", "followed", "hallowed" or "swallowed". Make sure to proofread your words to avoid such errors in the future.

List of suggestions on how to spell llowed correctly

  • Allowed I was allowed to go to the party.
  • Bellowed The coach bellowed at the team for not following his instructions.
  • Billowed The curtains billowed in the summer breeze.
  • bowed The performer bowed gracefully after her outstanding performance.
  • clawed The cat clawed the curtain while trying to climb it.
  • clewed The sailor clewed up the sails to prepare for a storm.
  • cowed The politician was cowed by the opposition's strong arguments.
  • Fallowed Diane was hoping to fallowed by her estranged husband when he came by the house for lunch.
  • flawed The flawed design holds up poorly to critical scrutiny.
  • Flowed The river flowed peacefully through the valley.
  • Followed I followed the professor's instructions to the letter.
  • Glowed The light from the exit signs glowed in the dark.
  • hallowed This place is hallowed ground.
  • hollowed The tree was hollowed out by the severe storm.
  • lloyd Lloyd was the first kitten I ever owned.
  • lobed Her spine had large, lobed vertebrae.
  • Loped He loped around the field, enjoying the freedom of movement.
  • loved
  • Lowe The Lowe's near my house is always has the best deals.
  • Lowed
  • lower I would like to lower the prices.
  • mellowed After the storm, the air was mellowed by the scent of rain.
  • mowed I mowed the lawn this past weekend.
  • owed I owed my friend money for the concert tickets we bought.
  • Pillowed After she finally fell asleep, my wife was pillowed by the dozens of throw pillows on our bed.
  • plowed The farmer plowed the fields with his tractor.
  • Rowed I rowed a boat across the lake with my friends.
  • Slewed I Slewed my car to avoid the pothole.
  • Slowed I was speeding, and then I hit a deer, and my car was slowed down.
  • sowed I sowed my love for you into the ground.
  • Towed The car was towed away after it was parked illegally on the street.
  • Vowed
  • Wallowed The pig wallowed in the mud to cool down on a hot summer day.
  • wowed She was wowed by the lavish celebration.
  • yellowed The old paper had yellowed with age.

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