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How to spell MEKING correctly?

If you've misspelled "meking", the correct suggestions would be "making" or "meking" might have been an unintended combination of "making" and "eking". Ensure to double-check your spelling to avoid confusion and to convey your message accurately.

List of suggestions on how to spell meking correctly

  • Decking The decking on the yacht was made of teakwood.
  • Eking I need to eking out a living as a writer.
  • Geeing
  • jerking The car was jerking as we drove over the bumpy road.
  • king The king sat on his throne, watching over his kingdom.
  • leaking The sink in the bathroom is leaking, and we need to get it fixed.
  • making Making a cake requires careful measurements and attention to detail in following the recipe.
  • makings With fresh ingredients such as tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and limes, we had all the makings for a delicious salsa.
  • marking She spent the evening marking papers and writing comments in the margins.
  • masking Masking tape is used to cover edges and surfaces while painting.
  • meaning
  • meeting My meeting with the head of the human resources department is at ten o'clock this morning.
  • mekong The Mekong River flows through several countries in Southeast Asia.
  • meowing The sound of the cats meowing woke me up early in the morning.
  • merging The two tribes were merging as they spoke.
  • meshing
  • Messing John is always messing with his phone during class.
  • Meting The company is planning a meting to discuss the upcoming project.
  • Mewing She was mewing incessantly.
  • Mewling The newborn baby was mewling loudly, demanding to be fed.
  • Milking Milking the cow is a daily task on the farm.
  • ming
  • mixing She was mixing cake batter in the kitchen.
  • mocking She could hear his mocking laughter from across the room.
  • Mooing
  • mucking I was mucking out the stables when I noticed a strange sound coming from one of the horses.
  • necking
  • Peaking I'm feeling a little peaking.
  • Pecking I can't stop myself from pecking at the strangers' hands when I'm feeling anxious.
  • peeking I'm peeking behind the curtain.
  • peking
  • Perking
  • reeking My upstairs smells like a gym locker room reeking of BO.
  • seeking After losing her job, she started seeking new employment opportunities.
  • smoking

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