How to spell OLIGO correctly?

We think the word oligo is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell oligo correctly

  • ago "Up to about serreval days ago, it was.
  • alga
  • algol
  • ali He bought a cat named Ali.
  • align Align the text in the frame so the letters are evenly spaced.
  • alike I am looking for a job just like my parents did.
  • amigo
  • argo
  • clog My sink is clogged and I can't seem to get it cleared.
  • colic I have colic, it's really annoying.
  • ego I cannot stand the way he always seems to put himself first.
  • elegy She wrote an elegy for her lost love.
  • eliot The Eliot Hotel is beautiful.
  • ergo Therefore, because Ergo is Latin for "therefore," it is also the name of the mathematics theorem that states that whenever
  • flog She was given a good flogging.
  • foliage The trees in the park had a fresh smell of foliage.
  • golgi The Golgi apparatus in the cell is responsible for the processing of proteins.
  • iago I have a green apple, a pink one, and an orange one.
  • lag
  • largo Oscar dreamed of largos all night.
  • leg
  • lick Licking my lips, I thoughts about what I would like to do to her.
  • liege I am not concerned with your lies - Duchess
  • like Mom likes baking cookies like my nan does.
  • loco Crazy thing is, I've never seen him act this way before - he's been getting really loco lately.
  • log I can't find my logbook.
  • loge The opera was so loge-worthy that I decided to buy tickets.
  • logo
  • logy
  • lug I need a lug to change the tire.
  • luge I didn't know what a luge was, but I thought it sounded like fun.
  • oblige
  • oil In ancient civilizations, people used oils to help them make candles and lamps.
  • oily The oil stain on the floor looks oily.
  • ola My sister is allergic to olivia.
  • old She is extremely old, much older than her parents were when they died.
  • oldie I like listening to oldies stations on the radio.
  • oleo Mario made oleo so that we could all put our hands in it.
  • olive
  • outgo
  • slog I'm going to slug my way to the top.
  • volga Volga boat trip is a great way to get a glimpse into the Russian history.
  • Oiling I use petroleum jelly to oil my hair.
  • Lego
  • blog She blogs about cooking and beauty.
  • Eli Eli has a tummy ache.
  • Igor
  • Olin I heard that Olin is transferring to our school.
  • Zelig The Zelig of our office is always changing, so we don't know who it is today.
  • Olga
  • Ilia Ilia is a pretty girl.
  • Luigi
  • Ole
  • Ollie Oliver was Ollie's favorite rabbit.
  • Oils My hair smells nice and oils.
  • LG LG is a Korean electronics manufacturer.
  • ORG
  • ORIG The origami boat was a perfect way to spend a lazy day.
  • LIQ The jacket was covered in sweat and flakes of dried liqour.
  • EGGO
  • OIK The Oikos was a beautiful temple.
  • oilier

List of 16 words made from the word oligo

4 letter words made from oligo:

goil, loog, gilo, ilgo, logo, gooi, olig, gool.

3 letter words made from oligo:

loo, log, ilo, oil, goo.

5 letter words made from oligo:

oligo, logoi, igloo.

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