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How to spell OW correctly?

If you're misspelling "ow" frequently, here are some correct suggestions to consider. Replace it with "oh" when expressing surprise or realization. Use "ouch" or "oww" to convey pain. "Aww" is suitable for expressing affection or sympathy. Remember these alternatives to enhance your writing and avoid common misspellings.

List of suggestions on how to spell ow correctly

  • AW
  • bow She used a bow to tie the ribbon on the gift.
  • cow
  • Dow
  • how " How did you manage to finish the project so quickly?" asked the boss.
  • low I feel quite low after receiving the bad news.
  • mow
  • MW MW (megawatt) is a unit of power commonly used to measure the output of power plants.
  • now I am now answering your question.
  • nw
  • ob
  • Oe
  • Of I am in awe of your intelligence.
  • oh
  • OI Oi, watch where you're going!
  • OJ
  • Om Many people practicing meditation say " Om" to focus their mind and bring inner peace.
  • on
  • OP OP, I have a question for you.
  • or Do you want vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream?
  • os The operating system, or OS, is the most fundamental program running on a computer.
  • Ot
  • OW " Ow, that hurt!" cried the little girl after she stubbed her toe on the table leg.
  • owe
  • owl The owl flew silently through the night searching for prey.
  • own
  • ox The farmer hitched the plow to the ox and began tilling the field.
  • Oz
  • pow
  • PW I don't know the PW to log in to my email account.
  • row I sat in the front row during the graduation ceremony.
  • sow She decided to sow the wildflower seeds in her garden to attract hummingbirds.
  • tow The truck was able to tow the heavy trailer.
  • vow
  • W
  • wow
  • WW WW, short for World War, was a global conflict that lasted from 1939 to 1945.
  • Yow Kevin is so big and strong, he could benchpress yow!

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