How to Pronounce pow?

Correct pronunciation for the word "pow" is [pˈa͡ʊ], [pˈa‍ʊ], [p_ˈaʊ].

What are the misspellings for pow?

"Pow" in context

Pow is a commonly used term that is derived from a French term, meaning "power". Pow is often used to refer to an incredible feat of strength or physical prowess. It is used to describe a superhuman or existential power. Pow is also often used to describe a powerful punch, kick, or other physical feat of superiority. It is used to reference a character's ability to inflict greater damage than other characters in a situation. Pow also has a spiritual connotation; since it is derived from the word power, it is sometimes used as a term of exaltation to refer to a higher spiritual being or divine source.

What are similar-sounding words for pow?


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