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How to spell PWNERS correctly?

For the misspelling "pwners", there are a few possible correct suggestions. Some options could be "owners" or "pawnshop". While "owners" refers to individuals who possess or have authority over something, "pawnshop" is a place where items are exchanged for a loan. Double-checking the intended meaning will help ensure the accurate usage.

List of suggestions on how to spell pwners correctly

  • downers Usually, I try to avoid downers when I'm going out, but I was feeling a little down today so I decided
  • fawners The fawners were licking the brand new snow.
  • openers The baseball team switched up their openers for the playoff game.
  • owners My car is currently being used by the owners.
  • panders He never panders to the whims of his superiors.
  • panels The panels on the wall were painted a light blue.
  • panes Panes are often used in windows to allow light in and to keep out bugs.
  • Pawnees The Pawnees were a Native American tribe that lived in Nebraska and Kansas.
  • peers I'm not sure how I feel about this social media thing - I don't want my peers to see what I'm wearing
  • Piers The piers in the bay were packed with fishermen waiting for the perfect catch.
  • Pincers The crab's pincers were strong enough to crack open the shell.
  • pines The sound of the wind through the pines filled the forest with a haunting melody.
  • planers
  • ponders As the artist ponders over the blank canvas, he visualizes the strokes he will make.
  • pones I always put my shoes in the pones.
  • Powders I need some powders to make my makeup look perfect.
  • powers Her powers were not to be underestimated.
  • pruners I need to buy a new pair of pruners for my gardening tasks.
  • yawners I can't believe how yawners this movie is.

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