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How to spell QUIITES correctly?

If you meant to type "quiites" but made a spello, there are several possible correct suggestions. Your intended word might be "quietest", which means the least noisy. Alternatively, you could have meant "quite", implying something is fairly or rather something. Always double-check spellings to avoid confusion.

List of suggestions on how to spell quiites correctly

  • booties She wore cute little booties to keep her feet warm during the winter.
  • cooties The children believed that if they touched someone with cooties, they would catch them too.
  • equities She invested a significant portion of her portfolio in equities to diversify her holdings.
  • Lucites I displayed my collection of colorful Lucites on the shelf in my living room.
  • pewits While walking in the countryside, I spotted a group of pewits gracefully soaring above the fields.
  • quiches I decided to bake an assortment of quiches for the brunch party.
  • quieted The gentle music and soothing atmosphere quieted my racing thoughts and helped me relax.
  • quieten The sound of the gentle rain helped to quieten my racing thoughts and bring me peace.
  • quietens The sound of the rustling leaves quietens as the wind dies down.
  • quieter The library is much quieter than the bustling coffee shop.
  • quietest The quietest room in the house is the library, thanks to its soundproof walls.
  • quiets The sound of the falling rain quiets my mind and brings me a sense of peace.
  • quietus After a long and arduous battle, the knight delivered the final blow, granting his enemy a swift and merciful quietus.
  • quilted She cuddled up under the soft, quilted blanket and drifted off to sleep.
  • quilter My grandmother is an exceptional quilter who has created beautiful handmade quilts for our family.
  • quilters The local quilting club is hosting a special event for all the quilters in the community.
  • quilts I love to snuggle up with warm quilts on a cold winter night.
  • quinces I picked a basket full of ripe quinces from the tree in the backyard.
  • quines I need to buy several quines for my science project on marine biodiversity.
  • quintet The jazz quintet played a mesmerizing set at the local jazz club.
  • quintets The classical music concert featured a performance by two renowned quintets.
  • quints My aunt just welcomed a set of quintuplets, making her the proud mother of five beautiful quints.
  • Quintus Quintus is my favorite character in the historical fiction novel I'm reading.
  • quires The librarian informed the students that they could request additional quires for their research projects.
  • quirts She quirts a small amount of ketchup on her fries.
  • quite I am quite impressed with his performance in the play.
  • quits After years of enduring an unhealthy work environment, she finally decided to call it quits and start her own business.
  • quitted I finally quitted my job and now I'm pursuing a new career path.
  • quitter He has been labeled as a quitter because he always gives up when faced with a challenge.
  • quitters Many successful people believe that quitters never win.
  • quizzes The students were preparing for their upcoming quizzes by reviewing their notes and studying the material thoroughly.
  • quoited
  • quoits During their beach vacation, the family played a friendly game of quoits in the afternoon sun.
  • quotes She framed her favorite quotes and hung them on her bedroom wall.
  • rewires After a traumatic event, the brain often rewires itself as a way of adapting to the new circumstances.
  • rewrites The author spent countless hours on rewrites to perfect his novel before finally publishing it.
  • Shiites Shiites make up the majority of the population in Iran and are known for their distinct religious beliefs and practices.
  • suites The hotel offers a range of luxurious and spacious suites with stunning ocean views.
  • unites The common goal of the team unites us, fostering a strong sense of collaboration and synergy.

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