How to spell QUITAN correctly?

We think the word quitan is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell quitan correctly

  • aquitaine In the south, the Arabs of Septimania recovered their hopes of effecting an invasion; and Hunald, Duke of Aquitaine, who had succeeded his father Eudes, after his death in 735, made a fresh attempt to break away from Frankish sovereignty and win his independence.
  • curtain From behind the curtain she watched the maid go down the path, saw a few words pass between her and the stranger, and then the maid come back.
  • guiana Notwithstanding this, they are eaten by many tribes of Indians, and even the French Creoles of Guiana have their "bat-soup," which they relish highly.
  • guitar As he gazed up towards the window of the high tower, he struck a few low notes on his guitar, as if to draw the attention of any fair captive within.
  • junta I don't know that the Junta will take me.
  • quad It is most amusing to watch half a dozen 'fellows' galloping their ponies up the avenue, not to be late for first school, just as we used to scurry across quad to chapel of a morning!
  • quatrain There is not a single passage in Titus Andronicus more Shakespearean than the magnificent quatrain of Tamora upon the eagle and the little birds; but the rest of the scene in which we come upon it, and the whole scene preceding, are in blank verse of more variety and vigour than we find in the baser parts of the play; and these if any scenes we may surely attribute to Shakespeare.
  • quid As for Muggins and O'Hale, the former, being a phlegmatic man and a courageous, sat down with his back against the wall, his hands thrust into his pockets, and a quid in his cheek, and shook his head slowly from side to side, while he remarked that every one had to die once, an' when the time came no one couldn't escape and that was all about it!
  • quiet Be quiet and rest a while."
  • quieten
  • quilting I love quilting!
  • quin
  • quine The sentence "I am a quine" is constructed of the words "I am," "a," and "quine
  • quint
  • quirt She reached for the quirt hanging on the peg by the door.
  • quit
  • quite
  • quito This city is strikingly beautiful and has a LOT of history.
  • quits
  • quittance I'll give you a quittance for the rent.
  • quoin
  • quoit She successfully hit the quoit.
  • quota Some petitioners are demanding a quota of minority representation on the committee.
  • tan I need to tan before the party.
  • titan The titanic.
  • Quanta A quantum leap is a significant changes in technology or society.
  • Quieting
  • Quitting
  • Quoting "I think he was quoting someone," she said, trying to remember where she had heard that quote.
  • Putin He is considered to be one of Russia's most powerful leaders.
  • Juan San Juan Hill is not a solitary hill, but the most prominent of a ridge of hills, with Kettle Hill a quarter of a mile away on the edge of the jungle and separated from the ridge by a tiny lake.
  • Quinn I'll get Quinn to come over and help us with the project.
  • Quinton Quinton is a small town located in Virginia.
  • quotas All students must meet the national quotas in math and English.
  • QUOT The professor quoted a few quotables from Shakespeare.
  • quietens The noise of the storm made it difficult to remain quiet.
  • quoiting I was going to take a quoiting lesson, but I'm too old for that now.

List of 57 words made from the word quitan

3 letter words made from quitan:

qat, ani, tun, anu, tan, nut, unq, ain, uni, tau, tai, tin, tiu, ant, tia, uta, nit.

4 letter words made from quitan:

nuta, quia, aunt, atun, uniq, tuin, naqt, utan, quit, naqi, atiq, nuit, tuqi, anti, unit, quai, tian, aqui, tuna, qian, quin, quta, tuni, unti, anqi, unqi, taqi, ainu.

5 letter words made from quitan:

autin, tanui, utian, uniat, uinta, natiq, utina, quain, quint, aquin, nauti, tuina.

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