How to spell REUICE correctly?

We think the word reuice is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell reuice correctly

  • Brice The Brice family celebrated their 25th anniversary this year.
  • bruce Bruce Wayne is the alter ego of the superhero known as Batman.
  • bruise She had a nasty bruise on her arm from falling off her bike.
  • cruise I am going on a seven-day Caribbean cruise next month.
  • deice The airport has to deice the plane's wings before takeoff.
  • deuce The tennis match was tied at deuce, with each player having won 40 points.
  • greece I have always wanted to visit Greece and explore its rich history and stunning landscapes.
  • ice
  • juice I am going to make an orange juice for breakfast.
  • price The price of the item was too high for me to purchase.
  • race The marathon was a challenging race, but I managed to finish it.
  • raise I want to raise funds for the charity.
  • REC The athlete broke the world record and set a new REC for the event.
  • recce The commander ordered a recce mission to gather intelligence before the troops advanced.
  • recife I have never been to Recife, but it sounds like a beautiful place.
  • recipe I found a delicious recipe for pumpkin pie.
  • recite During the class presentation, the student had to recite a poem about nature.
  • reduce I need to reduce this video file to less than 10 Mb in size.
  • reducer The reducer helped to decrease the overall pressure within the system.
  • Reese She had a peanut allergy and couldn't have Reese's cups.
  • reface The carpenter suggested we reface the cabinets rather than replacing them entirely.
  • refuse I will refuse to eat broccoli because I do not like it.
  • reich During World War II, Adolf Hitler's Third Reich was responsible for horrific crimes against humanity.
  • rejoice We can rejoice that our hard work has paid off with great success.
  • relies She relies on her planner to keep track of all her appointments.
  • rescue They arrived to find her unconscious and unresponsive, but with the help of the Emergency Services they were able to rescue her without
  • reside I currently reside in a cozy apartment located in the heart of the city.
  • resource The library is a valuable resource for students who need access to books for their research papers.
  • resume
  • retie
  • reties
  • reuse It's important to reuse shopping bags when possible to help reduce the amount of waste that is generated.
  • reused The plastic bags were reused as trash can liners to reduce waste.
  • reuses The company promotes sustainability by implementing practices that reduce waste and reuses materials whenever possible.
  • revise
  • revue The Broadway production company announced the opening of their new revue featuring famous musical numbers from the 1920s.
  • rice I smell rice.
  • ricer
  • rise The sun will rise at 6:00 am tomorrow.
  • Rosie I have a new friend in Rosie!
  • roue A roue is a circular shaft used to transmit torque in a mechanical system.
  • rouse I tried to rouse my brother from his deep sleep to join me for breakfast.
  • Royce Royce loves spending time with his family.
  • rue Today, I wore a skirt that I thought would go well with my blouse, but when I got to the store,
  • ruse The thief used a ruse to distract the security guard while he stole the valuable painting.
  • trice After buying a new car, she drove it for the first time and had to do a triple backflip to prove it
  • truce After years of fighting, the two countries finally agreed to a truce and sign a peace treaty.

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