How to Pronounce deice?

Correct pronunciation for the word "deice" is [diːˈa͡ɪs], [diːˈa‍ɪs], [d_iː__ˈaɪ_s].

"Deice" in context

Deice is a process of removing snow, ice, frost, or other a surface layer fro places like roads, walkways and pavements. It is also required for aircrafts to remove the accummulated ice on wings and other parts. There are many different ways to deice, including mechanical removal, chemical disposal and thermal melting. Mechanical removal involves plowing of large and small areas, shoveling, and snow-blowing. Chemical disposal involves the use of several substances like salt, calcium chloride, or other acids that can break down frozen water. Thermal melting uses electricity and heated elements to clear away snow and ice.

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