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How to spell RITS correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "rits" and meant to write something else, here are a few possible correct suggestions. You might have intended to type "rats", referring to rodents. Another possibility is "ritzy", which means luxurious or fancy. Alternatively, "rites" could be applicable if you meant to refer to a ritual or ceremonial practice.

List of suggestions on how to spell rits correctly

  • bits The computer stores information in bits.
  • brits Many Brits enjoy drinking tea and watching football matches.
  • fits This dress fits perfectly.
  • GITS I picked up a GITS soundtrack at the store.
  • grits I like to eat my breakfast with a side of buttery grits.
  • hits The baseball player had three hits in five at-bats during the game.
  • it's
  • Its Its color was a bright shade of blue.
  • kits The kits were carefully packed and ready for the camping trip.
  • nits The school sent a letter warning parents about an outbreak of head lice and nits amongst the students.
  • pits When the horses got to the pits, they were so exhausted that they lay down in their own manure.
  • Rats I have a feeling that there are rats in the basement.
  • ribs I love to barbecue ribs during the summer.
  • rids
  • rifts He noticed rifts in the ground that seemed to lead underground.
  • RIGS The company owns several oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • rims The car looked better with black rims.
  • RIOS The Gringo's smile lit up his face when he saw the beautiful Rios.
  • Riots The city was on high alert after the riots broke out in the downtown area.
  • rips The loud thunder rips through the quiet night.
  • Rita Rita is an amazing singer.
  • rite The priest performed the rite of holy communion.
  • rites The indigenous tribe performed sacred rites to honor their ancestors.
  • ritz They stayed at the luxurious Ritz hotel during their vacation in Paris.
  • rots It's time to get the rots out of the car.
  • ruts Dirty ruts in the road aggravated my poor vehicle.
  • SITS The cat sits on the windowsill, basking in the sun.
  • wits She had to use all of her wits to solve the complex puzzle.
  • writs The sheriff served the writs to the individuals who were ordered to appear in court.

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