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How to spell SHOALES correctly?

If you're struggling with the misspelling "shoales", here are some correct suggestions. First, correct it to "shoals", which refers to shallow areas in bodies of water. Another option is "scales", which are the bony plates on a fish. Lastly, you could rewrite it as "shoelaces", which are used to fasten shoes.

List of suggestions on how to spell shoales correctly

  • chorales The choir performed a selection of classic chorales at the Christmas concert.
  • hales The dark clouds and strong winds hales the onset of a storm.
  • holes The holes in the roof let in the sunlight.
  • sales Our sales figures are up from last year.
  • shades I bought a pair of shades to protect my eyes from the sun.
  • shakes The ground shakes when a large truck passes by.
  • shale The oil drilling company found large deposits of shale beneath the surface.
  • Shames The coach's constant criticism shames the players into performing better.
  • shapes I can see the shapes of the buildings in the distance.
  • shares Tommy owns 50 shares of Apple stock.
  • shaves My dad always shaves his beard every morning.
  • Sheaves The farmer gathered his sheaves of wheat.
  • shoal The fishermen were cautious to avoid the shoal of rocks protruding from the water.
  • Shoaled Shoaled water surrounds the island.
  • SHOALS The shoals of fish in the tide pool delighted me.
  • shoes
  • shoppes The quaint little town had several charming shoppes selling handmade crafts and artisanal goods.
  • shores I love walking along the shores of the beach during sunrise.
  • shoves He shoves the plate across the table to her.
  • thales Thales was an ancient Greek philosopher, mathematician, and astronomer.
  • Whales The mammals in the ocean are the whales.
  • wholes The wholes in the leaves allow for the plant to absorb sunlight more efficiently.

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