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How to spell SOBBS correctly?

If you accidentally misspelled "sobbs" as opposed to "sobs", here are a few suggestions for the correct spelling. You could use "sobs" to describe loud cries or show distress. Alternatively, consider "sobs", "sores" or "sobers" as potential correct substitutes. Remember to proofread carefully to avoid any further mistakes!

List of suggestions on how to spell sobbs correctly

  • bbs I'm a moderator on a message board called BBS.
  • bobs
  • COBS I bought a bag of fresh COBS from the bakery.
  • ebbs As the tide ebbs, the shore is exposed revealing a beautiful landscape.
  • FOBS I really need to focus on my business goals, or I'm going to become one of those FOBs.
  • gobs The chef added gobs of butter to the sauce.
  • hobbes The philosopher Thomas Hobbes theorized that humans are essentially selfish.
  • hobbs
  • HOBS The kitchen had two hobs but only one of them was working.
  • jobs Many people rely on their jobs as their main source of income.
  • lobs The basketball player lobs the ball towards the basket.
  • MOBS The mobs of protesters marched through the streets, chanting for change.
  • NOBS
  • OBIS The OBIS system is a global maritime surveillance system.
  • OBS
  • orbs I see orbs in the western sky.
  • robs The masked man robs banks for a living.
  • scabs The scabs on the wound started to heal after a few days.
  • Serbs Serbs are a people who originate from Serbia.
  • slabs The floor was covered in large, thin slabs of wood.
  • slobs My roommates are such slobs, I can never find anything in our apartment.
  • SNOBS The snobs at the country club only associated with members of their own social class.
  • snubs Shortly thereafter, she received snubs from her friends for refusing to go out with them.
  • soars The eagle soars high above the clouds.
  • sob
  • Sobbed After the tragic news, she sobbed uncontrollably.
  • sober After his last stint in rehab, he was finally able to become and stay sober.
  • sobers She sobers up quickly in the presence of her boss.
  • sobs After telling her the news, she wept sobs on my shoulder.
  • SODS The classroom smelled like SODS.
  • SOLS "SOLS" stands for "Surface Operating Limitations" and refers to the maximum values for environmental factors in which an aircraft is allowed to take off and land.
  • Sons Our sons are going to help us clean up.
  • sops I was feeling so down after my argument with my ex-girlfriend that my best friend gave me some sops to make me
  • sos I'm hungry. Could I please have some sos?
  • SOTS
  • Sours The milk sours when it is left outside for a prolonged period.
  • Sous The sous chef is responsible for ensuring that everything runs smoothly in the kitchen.
  • SOWS The farmer sows his seeds before the start of each planting season.
  • stabs The murderer confessed to multiple stabs in the victim's body.
  • stubs I found some old ticket stubs in my jacket pocket.
  • SUBS Please send UE subs if possible.
  • swabs The nurse used cotton swabs to clean the patient's wound.

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