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How to spell SPOLI correctly?

If you're trying to type the word "spoil" but accidentally end up with "spoli", fear not! Auto-correct can save the day by suggesting the correct spelling. Alternatively, you can use context clues to discern the intended term. Remember to proofread and rely on technology to avoid such misspellings in the future.

List of suggestions on how to spell spoli correctly

  • pol
  • pole The flag at the top of the pole was waving in the wind.
  • polio In the early 1900s, polio was a leading cause of childhood deaths.
  • poll
  • polo He was dressed in a polo shirt and khaki shorts.
  • sol
  • sole He won the race despite feeling shorthanded on his sole MC ride.
  • solo I am going on a solo trip to Europe this summer.
  • spell I struggle to spell the word "necessary" correctly.
  • spill A spill of ink stained the white cloth.
  • split The party split when the disagreements emerged.
  • spock I cannot believe Spock is aboard the ship.
  • spoil If you leave the milk out, it will spoil quickly.
  • spoils The spoils of war included gold, jewels, and valuable artwork.
  • spoke John spoke with the reporter about the new product.
  • spoof I watched a spoof of my favorite horror movie last night, and it had me laughing the whole time.
  • spool I need to change the thread on my sewing machine spool.
  • spools I need to get some spools of thread from the sewing room.
  • spoon
  • spoor The suspect left a spoor of evidence in his wake.
  • spore
  • sport
  • spot
  • spout The teapot has a spout that allows the hot tea to be poured into a cup.
  • STOL The airplane's STOL capabilities allowed it to take off and land on short runways.
  • stole

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