How to spell THENY correctly?

We think the word theny is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell theny correctly

  • athena Surely the day is bright enough, surely Athena having been thus far good we can trust her goodness still.
  • athene And Athene made him taller and fairer to see, and caused the hair to be thick on his head, in colour as a hyacinth.
  • deny Marquis; do not deny me, Belin.
  • hen Well, back I'll go to the Hen and Chickens, to find a good dinner there."
  • sheeny The pond, which would have been called a lake were Les Aigues nearer Paris, was partly in view, so was the long canal; the Silver-spring, coming from across the pavilion of the Rendezvous, crossed the lawn with its sheeny ribbon, reflecting the yellow sand.
  • taney Taney, Roger Brooke, appointed secretary of the treasury, 280; ceases deposits in United States Bank, 280; the contention as to propriety and legality, 280, 281; criticism by the Senate, 281; opinion on Dred Scott case, 453, 454; criticism of his argument, 455, 456; charge as to divulging court secrets, 456, 457
  • teen XXXVIII "A Pagan therefore thee I fostered have, Nor of thy birth the truth did ever tell, Since you increased are in courage brave, Your sex and nature's-self you both excel, Full many a realm have you made bond and slave, Your fortunes last yourself remember well, And how in peace and war, in joy and teen, I have your servant, and your tutor been.
  • teeny The Rooses are staying at Pennythorn, and Jane came and said to me at once how sorry she was to see me looking pale, and she hoped I would be able to enjoy myself-I wasn't pale, Mamma, I am sure, but I did feel just a teeny bit sorry I had quarrelled again with Lord Valmond.
  • ten Ten years older than I am!
  • thane The second morning after the return of Wilfred was fixed for the burial of the deceased thane, in the priory church which his father had built in the place of an earlier structure burnt by the Danes in 1006. It was a noble pile for those early days, built chiefly of stone, which was fast superseding wood as a material for churches, dedicated to St. Wilfred.
  • thank
  • thea I cannot thea to distract myself from the unbearable pain in my heart.
  • then I went to the store, then went to the bank.
  • thence
  • theory
  • thin
  • thing
  • think
  • thinly The ice was very thinly spread on the surface.
  • thong
  • thorn
  • thorny
  • thunk After dropping the heavy box, I heard a loud thunk.
  • tiny I found a tiny rabbit in the garden.
  • when I will go on vacation when I get the money.
  • Than It is more than any one else in the world would have done for me.
  • The
  • Thee Do not forget to pick up your Thee toys.
  • Their
  • Them I told my friends that I was going to meet them at the movies.
  • Thew John is wearing a new shirt and he looks nice in it.
  • They
  • Thine
  • Thy
  • Tony I Tony to a meeting.
  • Chen XIV. Bamboos in monochrome by Wu Chen.
  • Cheney Enoch greeted him cordially, and after a few generalities said, "Mr. Cheney, what bomb are they preparing to explode now?"
  • Thanh I want to thanh thanh your essay.
  • thins
  • TENN 4, 1861 Aug. 14, 1861 Died at Trenton, Tenn.
  • they'd They'd love to see you at the next game.
  • thingy

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