How to Pronounce thea?

Correct pronunciation for the word "thea" is [θˈiː], [θˈiː], [θ_ˈiː].

What are the misspellings for thea?

"Thea" in context

Thea is a female given name derived from the Greek goddess, Athena. It is an alternative spelling of the common name, Theresa. Thea is a variation of spelling and pronunciation given to a number of names including Dorothea and Theodora. In modern days, Thea is sometimes used as a short form for the longer name Athena.

Thea is a Scandinavian and German name meaning "divinely gracious", or "fated". The name is often associated with ancient Greek gods and goddesses, and is known for its strong reference to wisdom.

What are similar-sounding words for thea?


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