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How to spell THINE correctly?

If you find yourself often misspelling "thine", worry not! Common suggestions for correcting this mistake include "mine", "then" or "thee". Understanding the context in which "thine" is used, such as in older English texts or poetry, can help with accurate usage. Practice and familiarity will ensure that you spell it correctly every time.

List of suggestions on how to spell thine correctly

  • chine The chef expertly sliced the pork chine for the stir fry dish.
  • rhine The mighty Rhine river flows through several countries in Europe including Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands.
  • shine The sun's rays shine through the window and warm up the room.
  • Taine
  • Than I would rather have an ice cream cone than a popsicle on a hot summer day.
  • thane The thane of Cawdor was stripped of his title and executed for his treasonous actions.
  • then
  • thin She tried her best to fit in the thin dress.
  • Thine
  • thing
  • thingy That thingy on the table is a toy.
  • think I think about getting a new job.
  • thinner She has lost weight and is looking much thinner than before.
  • thins She thins her hair to make it look more voluminous.
  • tine The party was such a bore, Tony looked forward to the free tine night at the bar.
  • whine My little brother would whine incessantly when he didn't get his way.

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