How to spell TIONE correctly?

We think the word tione is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell tione correctly

  • bone One bone perhaps you could give him?
  • boone Boone still has his way to make.
  • chine Cut the outside lengthwise, separating each slice from the chine-bone, with the point of the knife.
  • cone Anxiously he glanced in the cone of lamplight where three faces, lighted, shone.
  • dine One day he met a rich Spaniard, who asked him whither he was going, and having learned his intention, brought him to dine at his house.
  • done I wonder how it was done.
  • fine "Must be in a fine humour," he observed.
  • gone Don't I wish now that I had gone home!"
  • hone Our Devil has left us now in the Lurch, A Plague light upon the Protestant C-- If P--s had let but the Bishops alone, O then the Nation had all been our own. Ah hone, &c.
  • ion It must be very urgent business, or a severe storm, that kept him from riding or driving over to Ion, unless his darling first appeared at the Oaks.
  • kine The kine were small, of unattractive appearance and without horns; the horses, little ponies, were not fast runners.
  • line They would go by that line.
  • lion That lion is in here somewhere.
  • lone At a point about fifty miles from the "town" so deeply longed for, a lone cow-punch appeared on the bank.
  • mine Where is the mine?
  • nine "Aurelia has not come down yet, and it is a quarter past nine.
  • none None ever loved him more than I have loved him.
  • one 121, 122, one vol.
  • phone Have an auto in readiness, and come like the wind when I phone.
  • pine The trail grew more winding and overhung more thickly by pine branches.
  • pone When baked in a kettle covered with a heated lid, if in one large cake, it was called a Pone or loaf.
  • rhone No one knows this fellow in Salvan-he probably came up from the Rhone and was on his way to Chamonix.
  • shine It might shine on a long line of painted Indians.
  • sine
  • thane The true Thane of Cawdor is Duncan MacLeod.
  • tin I am thinking of buying a can of tuna.
  • tine I need to file my taxes this weekend, but I can't because I have a meeting at 6 pm.
  • ting
  • tinge I lightly applied bronzer to give my cheeks a touch of warmth.
  • tinny I can't believe how tinny your voice sounds.
  • tiny
  • ton Tony is a ton of fun.
  • tone I need to tone down my voice when I speak with her.
  • toner
  • tonne A total of 20 tonnes of coal were used in the power plant.
  • tune
  • vine It's easy to get lost in the vineyards.
  • wine The best way to end the night is with a glass of wine.
  • zion The Zion National Park is a holy place where the spiritual and physical aspects of nature come together.
  • zone I need to cover my hair in sunscreen to avoid sun damage in the sun-zone.
  • Shone It looked nice and white, and shone, too.
  • Thine Give me this apple, please.
  • Tony
  • Dion In fact, it was the control of the subterranean corridors of the sanctuary which had suggested to Gorgias the idea of carrying Dion through them to Pyrrhus's fishing-boat.
  • Shane - Shane, son of Con Bacagh, 270, 376, 377, 403-405, 407
  • Dionne Lionel Giroux, the wrestler known as "Little Beaver" Little Beaver Creek State Wild and Scenic River and National Scenic River, in Ohio Marcel Dionne, with the nickname of Little Beaver Theodore Cleavers nickname in the TV series Leave It to Beaver
  • Fiona To Mrs. William Sharp, for permission to use passage from "The Divine Adventure," by Fiona MacLeod.
  • Tina
  • Toni I can't believe that Toni called me.
  • Diane This was not a fair exchange, and Diane was, to some extent, justified in her complaints.
  • Taine He is one of the most eminent French historians.
  • CINE Screen Award for Best Choreography Tony Award for Best Choreography Zee Cine Award for Best Choreography
  • zine She published a zine about feminist punk rock.

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