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How to spell VEL correctly?

If the misspelling is "vel", some correct suggestions may include "vale", "veal" or "veil". These words are all spelled similarly and may have been mistaken due to poor handwriting or a typing error. Double-checking spelling or using spell-check can help avoid these mistakes.

List of suggestions on how to spell vel correctly

  • Del Del has a great sense of humor and always keeps me laughing.
  • eel
  • gel I need to buy gel for my hair.
  • Mel Mel couldn't hide his disappointment when he learned his favorite restaurant had closed down.
  • REL
  • Tel I tried calling my friend, but the number was not in service according to Tel directory.
  • Val Val decided to go on a hike this afternoon.
  • veal I ordered the grilled veal chop for dinner.
  • VEG I decided to go on a vegetarian diet and only eat VEG dishes from now on.
  • veil
  • vela
  • veld The khaki-clad rangers rode across the veld in their open-air jeeps.
  • vet
  • vex
  • VOL The vol of the music was too loud for my sensitive ears.

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