How To Spell vet?

Correct spelling: vet

What are similar spelling words for vet?

What is the definition of vet?

  1. provide (a person) with medical care

What does the abbreviation vet mean?

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What are the usage examples for vet?

  1. I tink zey all come fon Himmel, and I see zem, and I talk mit zem, and zey talk mit me, and zey say dot I vill go mit zem; but ven I vake I bees sleep on ze ground, and ze big rains have come down, and zey have vet me too vet and I bees too cold; and ven I tink I come to ze house, I not fine ze vay; and I have got ze pain in my head, and ze pain in my neck. – Stories of Childhood by Various
  2. There was a click, a little noise of teeth ground together; and Bertie said: Good man- shan't have to have the vet – The Patrician by John Galsworthy