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How to spell WARMY correctly?

If you meant to spell "warmth", try "warmth" instead of "warmy". However, if you intended to use "warmly", then use "warmly" instead as it means in a warm or friendly manner. Regardless, always remember to proofread your work to avoid misspellings.

List of suggestions on how to spell warmy correctly

  • Amy Amy is the new manager of our department.
  • arm She wore a sleeveless dress, revealing her toned arm muscles.
  • army The army was called in to help with disaster relief efforts.
  • barmy It's barmy to wear a heavy coat outside in the middle of summer.
  • swarm The swarm of bees left a trail of destruction in their wake.
  • war The country declared war on their neighboring nation due to political tensions.
  • warm
  • warmed After being outside in the cold for hours, my hands were warmed by the heat from the fireplace.
  • warmer The weather is getting warmer as we head into spring.
  • warmly I feel warmly welcome in your home.
  • warms I am so grateful that this warm blanket warms my frozen body.
  • warmth I feel a warmth emanating from her.
  • warty She has a warty face.
  • wary After being bitten by a dog, he became wary of all dogs.
  • way I have a way to make us both happy.
  • weary
  • whammy I can give you a real whammy.
  • worm
  • wormy I hate when my dog get's wormy.

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