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How to Pronounce worm?

Correct pronunciation for the word "worm" is [wˈɜːm], [wˈɜːm], [w_ˈɜː_m].

Definition of worm

  1. A disease in infancy; a division of invertebral animals; the entozoa, specially.
  2. To work slowly, gradually, and secretly.
  3. Caused by worms.
  4. To expel or undermine by slow and secret means; to cut something, called a worm, from under the tongue of a dog; to draw the wad or cartridge from a gun; to clean by the worm; to wind a rope spirally round a cable, between the strands; or to wind a smaller rope with spun-yarn. To worm one's self into, to enter gradually by arts and insinuations.
  5. Any small creeping animal or reptile, either entirely without feet or with very short ones, including a great variety of animals of different classes and orders, as the blind-worm, larvae of insects, intestinal worms, &c.; anything which, working secretly, gnaws and destroys like a worm; remorse; that which incessantly gnaws the conscience; that which torments; a being debased and despised; one who devours what he reads like a worm; a spiral, worm-like instrument, used for drawing wads and cartridges from cannon and small arms; something spiral, vermiculated, or resembling a worm, as the threads of a screw; a spiral, metallic pipe placed in a tub of water, through which the vapour passes in distillation, and in which it is cooled and condensed; a small, worm-like part, situated beneath a dog's tongue.

Nuttall's Standard dictionary of the English language By Nuttall, P.Austin

What are the misspellings for worm?

What are similar-sounding words for worm?

What is the present tense of Worm?

  • The personal forms of the verb "worm" in present tense are:

  • - I worm

  • - You worm

  • - He worms

  • - She worms

  • - It worms

  • - We worm

  • - You worm

  • - They worm
  • What is the past tense of Worm?

  • The past tense forms of the verb "worm" are:

  • - First-person singular: wormed

  • - Second-person singular: wormed

  • - Third-person singular: wormed

  • - First-person plural: wormed

  • - Second-person plural: wormed

  • - Third-person plural: wormed
  • What is the adverb for worm?

    The adverb form of the word "worm" is "wormily".

    What is the adjective for worm?

    The adjective form of the word "worm" is "wormy".

    Usage over time for worm:

    This graph shows how "worm" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

    What is the plural form of worm?

    The plural of the "worm" can be the "worms".

    What is the singular form of worm?

    The singular of the "worm" can be the "worm".

    Synonyms for Worm:


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