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How to spell WEASL correctly?

The correct spelling for "weasl" is weasel. To avoid this misspelling, it's important to pay attention to the order of the letters in the word. Remember that "weasel" has an "e" after the "a". It can also be helpful to use spell-check tools or consult a dictionary to ensure correct spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell weasl correctly

  • asl "What's your ASL?" is a common question asked in online chat rooms, meaning "Age, Sex, Location?
  • easel He set up his easel in the park to paint the beautiful scenery.
  • ESL As an ESL student, it is important to practice speaking English as much as possible.
  • seal The seal bobbed its head out of the water and then disappeared again.
  • veal I ordered veal chops for my main course at the fancy restaurant.
  • wail As the storm grew stronger, the wind started to wail through the trees.
  • wall They hung a beautiful picture on the wall.
  • Was I was wondering when you were going to come.
  • We'll " We'll be meeting at the park tomorrow for a picnic.
  • weal The town's weal depended on the success of the new business.
  • weals The wound healed quickly, thanks to the healing magic weals.
  • wears She always wears a scarf around her neck to stay warm.
  • weasel The weasel scurried across the field with a mouse in its jaws.
  • weasels The weasels were very mistaken to think they could get away with this.
  • WEES
  • well
  • wheal The wheal on my arm appeared after I got a mosquito bite.
  • zeal She approached her work with tremendous zeal and enthusiasm.

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