Correct spelling for WGERE

We think the word wgere is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for wgere

  • agree Then you agree to fight?
  • care I don't care about anything so long as you won't go away."
  • core The novelty of her presence had brought a few curious invalids into her consulting rooms, and, once there, they had been so impressed by the firmness of her manner and by the singular, new-fashioned instruments with which she tapped, and peered, and sounded, that it formed the core of their conversation for weeks afterwards.
  • cree Then there was a little whispering among them, and one of them, speaking out softly, said in the Cree language, "Non pimmatissit;" the English of which is, "He is not among the living."
  • cure Next morning she begged pardon for her jealousy, and to cure it insisted on my speaking constantly to Veronique.
  • gary Amid all these distracting pleasures, I kept on the watch for an opportunity to speak to Aunt Gary alone.
  • gee Gee, it was especially mutual.
  • gene And here at the end I take off my editorial "We" for a special, personal THANK YOU to my collaborator and co-editor, GENE DAMON.
  • genre Some of our genre painters-Millet, for example, and Jules Breton-have, it is true, studied the actual and the modern, but their types are all taken from the rustic class, and it is safe to say that outside of portraiture neither the men nor the women of the world will leave a trace upon the art of the period.
  • germ His germ developed with a bound at once.
  • giro In 2007, Cannondale became the bicycle sponsor to Liquigas, and counted fourth and fifth Giro wins as Danilo Di Luca in 2007 and Ivan Basso in 2010 rode to victory.
  • gore Croix from the sisterhood home in The Gore.
  • gory They come back from battle with the gory heads of their slain enemies hanging from their chariots.
  • grey Then the night grew grey.
  • guru The unflinching gaze that accompanied this speech told the guru more plainly than words that as far as Ananda was concerned his authority was called in question, his influence was gone and his godhead denied.
  • gyro After climbing into the gyro and transmitting his flight plan, he had to sit seething for all of fifteen minutes before the Mount Diablo Flight Control Center deigned to lift his remote-controlled gyro into the air. And when the signal came, ascent was so awkwardly abrupt it made his ears pop.
  • here You've no right to be here.
  • mere And yet the mere idea spoiled the remembrance of her whom he had so greatly loved.
  • ogre And the ogre replied that if they would serve him he would give them food, and they would have nothing else to do but to watch over him like a dog, each in turn for a day.
  • sere Later, she bathed and dressed in a thinner gown, but it, also, was in black, in memory of her mother, and seemed to sere her body.
  • wagerer In a thought experiment proposed by the Italian probabilist Bruno de Finetti in order to justify Bayesian probability, an array of wagers is coherent precisely if it does not expose the wagerer to certain loss regardless of the outcomes of events on which they are wagering, even if their opponent makes the most judicious choices.
  • ware "Very lonely, sir, Ware is.
  • where Roden, where is he?"
  • wire He pulled out a length of wire and started working on one end of it.
  • Ere Think of the blessed days ere he had crossed our threshold.
  • Gere The DVD includes a message from Buddhist actor Richard Gere comparing the situation in Burma to that in Tibet.
  • Grew God thought about me and I grew."
  • Wore The man's face wore blank incredulity.
  • Were Where were the Crawfords?
  • Gerry And I am enjoying myself very much here, Mr. Gerry.
  • Kerr His employer, Dr. Kerr, had bidden him keep his eyes open for any signs of gold, during his wanderings over the wild pasture land with his flocks.
  • Greer I wonder how much Father Greer left the Hunt!
  • Jeri Jeri Weil and Stanley Fafara play Beaver's classmates, Judy Hensler and "Whitey" Whitney respectively while Burt Mustin and Ralph Sanford play Beavers adult friends in the neighborhood, Gus, the fireman, and "Fats" Flannaghan, a junkyard operator.
  • Keri Boswell is married to Keri Chadwick.
  • GR 23; Coar's, 17; Jaudon's, 13; Comly's, 8; Cooper's, New Gr.
  • GER It was a very dan-ger-ous business for a boy.
  • we're Audrey thought: "Is this what we're going on?

13 words made from the letters wgere

3 letter words made from wgere:

gee, ewe, erg, wee, eeg.

4 letter words made from wgere:

gewe, weer, gwee, reeg, rege, ewer.

5 letter words made from wgere:

weger, grewe.

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