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How to spell YAH correctly?

The correct spelling for "yah" could be "yeah" or "yea". "Yeah" is a more informal and casual way of saying "yes", while "yea" is an old-fashioned way of saying "yes" often used in formal settings.

List of suggestions on how to spell yah correctly

  • AAH AAH, I'm groggy.
  • Ah You ahve no ah idea.
  • ayah
  • Bah I Bah your favorite color.
  • NAH
  • Pah Pah is the sound made when one blows into the back of someone's neck.
  • RAH
  • Ya Cathy is Ya great friend.
  • yak The yak is a large mammal native to the high altitude regions of Central Asia.
  • yam
  • yap My little dog loves to yap at every passerby on the street.
  • yaw
  • yeah I hit the home run, yeah!

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