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How to Pronounce pork-fish?

Correct pronunciation for the word "pork-fish" is [pˈɔːkfˈɪʃ], [pˈɔːkfˈɪʃ], [p_ˈɔː_k_f_ˈɪ_ʃ].

What are the misspellings for pork-fish?

  • porkf ish,
  • oork-fish,
  • lork-fish,
  • -ork-fish,
  • 0ork-fish,
  • pirk-fish,
  • pkrk-fish,
  • plrk-fish,
  • pprk-fish,
  • p0rk-fish,
  • p9rk-fish,
  • poek-fish,
  • podk-fish,
  • pofk-fish,
  • potk-fish,
  • po5k-fish,
  • po4k-fish,
  • porj-fish,
  • porm-fish,
  • porl-fish

What is the adjective for pork-fish?

The adjective form of the word "pork-fish" is "porkfish".

What is the plural form of pork-fish?

The plural form of "pork-fish" is also "pork-fish." It remains the same in both singular and plural form.

What is the singular form of pork-fish?

The singular form of the word "pork-fish" is "pork-fish".

Synonyms for Pork-fish:

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