How to Pronounce saru?

Correct pronunciation for the word "saru" is [sˈɑːɹuː], [sˈɑːɹuː], [s_ˈɑː_ɹ_uː].

What are the misspellings for saru?

"Saru" in context

Saru, or the monkey, is one of Japan's most popular animals. It is a symbol of intelligence, energy and courage, and is usually depicted with a wide-eyed, inquisitive look on its face. Saru are often associated with intelligence due to their impressive problem-solving skills, capable of quickly figuring out how to open containers and use tools in order to get to food. They are also incredibly agile and can easily climb and escape predators. In Japan, saru are also considered to be messengers of God, acting as divine intermediaries between humans and nature.

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