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How to Pronounce umpteens?

Correct pronunciation for the word "umpteens" is [ʌmptˈiːnz], [ʌmptˈiːnz], [ʌ_m_p_t_ˈiː_n_z].

What are the misspellings for umpteens?

  • ympteens,
  • hmpteens,
  • jmpteens,
  • impteens,
  • 8mpteens,
  • 7mpteens,
  • unpteens,
  • ukpteens,
  • ujpteens,
  • umoteens,
  • umlteens,
  • umpteenz,
  • umptens,
  • umpetens,
  • umpteans,
  • umpsteen,
  • umpstens,
  • umpeans,
  • umpeeens,
  • uinteens

What is the adjective for umpteens?

The adjective form of "umpteens" is "umpteen".

What is the plural form of umpteens?

The plural form of the word "umpteens" is also "umpteens".

What is the singular form of umpteens?

The singular form of the word "umpteens" is "umpteen"

Synonyms for Umpteens:

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