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Correct spelling: antique

Definition of antique:

  1. Ancient: old- fashioned.
  2. Old: ancient.
  3. Anything very old; a relic of antiquity.

Common misspellings for antique:

anique, antiqued.


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Examples of usage for antique:

  1. Antique refers to an ancient, antiquated to a discarded style. Antique is that which is either ancient in fact or ancient in style. The reference is to the style rather than to the age. We can speak of the antique architecture of a church just built. The difference between antiquated and antique is not in the age, for a Puritan style may be scorned as antiquated, while a Roman or Renaissance style may be prized as antique The antiquated is not so much out of date as out of vogue. Old- fashioned may be used approvingly or contemptuously. In the latter case it becomes a synonym for antiquated; in the good sense it approaches the meaning of antique but indicates less duration. We call a wide New England fireplace old- fashioned; a coin of the C –  by
  2. The Royal Flying Corps moved by air and road to an existing aerodrome outside the antique defences of Maubeuge 12 miles from Mons on the 16th. –  by
  3. Within these antique walls The early fathers of the hamlet met And gravely argued of the town's affairs. –  by

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