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How To Spell BO?

Correct spelling: BO

Definition of BO:

  1. A word used to frighten children.

List of misspellings for BO:

  • bod,
  • 6mo,
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What does the abbreviation BO mean?


Bo as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Bo), is pronounced boh. It is of Scandinavian origin. Also a nickname or short form. Made prominent by actress Bo Derek.

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Bo Orlando


Former football player

Joseph John "Bo" Orlando is a former American football safety player for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Houston Oilers, San Diego Chargers, and Cincinnati Bengals.

Bo Oshoniyi



Adegboyega "Bo" Oshoniyi is a retired American soccer goalkeeper who spent eight seasons in Major League Soccer. He is now the head men's soccer coach at Dartmouth College.

Bo School


School in Bo, Sierra Leone

The Bo Government Secondary School commonly known as Bo School is a secondary school located on a 13.5 acres property in the center of Bo, the second largest city in Sierra Leone.

Empress Dowager Bo


Empress Dowager Bo was an imperial concubine of Emperor Gao of Han. She was also known as Consort Bo during the life of the Emperor, and more formally as either Empress Dowager Xiaowen or Empress Gao.

Pác Bó


Village in Vietnam

Pác Bó is a small village in Cao Bằng province, northern Vietnam, 3 km from the Chinese border. "Pác Bó" means “source mouth” according to the local language

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Rhymes for BO:

  1. oh, below, sgro, ho, so, rho, cloe, bowe, yoh, chau, wo, giraud, know, bio, beau, kayo, pro, though, plateau, moe, margaux, doe, ko, trow, hoe, rideau, beaux, flow, sew, bro, slow, loew, truffaut, goh, rondeau, cro, yoe, hoh, renaud, eau, rowe, tso, mow, marceau, cabo, fro, sow, joe, forego, flo, ow, mau, plough, ngo, gloe, glo, bordeaux, goe, grow, show, uno, stowe, nau, throw, joh, mo, crow, gau, row, zoh, bestow, tableaux, gogh, nouveau, co, foe, whoa, yau, loewe, quo, kowtow, munro, coe, perot, tow, cho, cousteau, dough, undergo, sloe, o', gro, dau, au, devaux, tableau, poh, jo, roh, loh, rouleau, poe, tho, roe, lo, tyo, snow, outgrow, turbot, stow, blow, koh, so-so, aux, luo, tarot, tallyho, doh, go, kyo, bow, ro, peugeot, hello, thoreau, escoe, papo, inco, thibault, toe, owe, strow, escrow, noe, chateaux, forgo, woe, loe, glow, monroe, lowe, noh, floe, defoe, yo, boe, low, vo, chateau;
  2. although, miro, aglow, arnaud, ago, pernod, arnault, renault;
  3. imo, eeo, taekwondo, apropos, ivo, overflow;
  4. celo;

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