How To Spell Chau?

Correct spelling: Chau

What does the abbreviation Chau mean?


Chau as a boy's name.

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What are the usage examples for Chau?

  1. Before I took the steamer back to Europe, I went to Kiou- Chau the German colony in China, and filed a long report by cipher cable. – The Secrets of the German War Office by Dr. Armgaard Karl Graves

What are the rhymes for Chau?

  1. mo, inco, marceau, kowtow, co, zoh, goe, loh, roh, oh, sow, loew, eau, gogh, slow, glo, bow, so, know, cho, grow, doh, truffaut, strow, stow, yoe, chateaux, papo, rondeau, renaud, go, cro, poe, ngo, mau, row, peugeot, ow, mow, show, bio, snow, perot, ho, lo, rowe, woe, rideau, kyo, crow, flow, glow, beaux, gro, fro, o', devaux, doe, dough, low, joh, thibault, tableau, stowe, bowe, flo, rho, goh, coe, kayo, giraud, loe, tyo, turbot, moe, cabo, hello, trow, lowe, bo, uno, quo, whoa, foe, outgrow, boe, margaux, thoreau, cousteau, cloe, sgro, jo, tho, bordeaux, yau, yoh, chateau, tableaux, sloe, monroe, escoe, aux, pro, floe, tso, roe, gloe, vo, luo, though, hoh, koh, beau, escrow, toe, blow, noe, throw, yo, wo, tow, plateau, munro, loewe, ro, tallyho, au, noh, bro, dau, owe, gau, joe, forgo, forego, nouveau, ko, tarot, below, undergo, so-so, sew, poh, nau, defoe, hoe, rouleau, bestow, plough;
  2. although, ago, renault, aglow, arnault, miro, arnaud, pernod;
  3. eeo, apropos, ivo, taekwondo, imo, overflow;
  4. celo;