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How To Spell coats?

Correct spelling: coats

List of misspellings for coats:

  • loats,
  • cutso,
  • kosts,
  • quoatas,
  • coaut,
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  • cout's,
  • conts,
  • qoutas,
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What does the abbreviation coats mean?

Related words for coats

Gayle Coats Fulks


Gayle Coats Fulks is an American women's basketball coach with the Davidson Wildcats. She played collegiately with the Fairleigh Dickinson Knights.

Herbert P. Coats


American lawyer

Herbert Philip Coats was an American lawyer and politician from New York and Puerto Rico.

Intern Academy


2004 film

Intern Academy is a 2004 Canadian comedy film written and directed by Dave Thomas. It has several alternative titles including working titles An Intern's Diary, Whitecoats and Interns.

Northern March


The Northern March or North March was created out of the division of the vast Marca Geronis in 965. It initially comprised the northern third of the Marca and was part of the territorial organisation of areas conquered from the Wends.

The Love Coats


Pop group

The Love Coats were an acoustic rock/pop music group formed in Huntington, West Virginia in August 2004. The band took its name upon suggestion from Jesco White guitarist Jay Hill, who explained the name as "the feeling one feels when enveloped in the false sense of security love provides."

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Quotes for coats:

  1. But I made no efforts to organize my supporters to hold on to the apparatus. Consequently I was soon expelled and my followers, who did not change coats overnight, quietly left or were expelled from the party.
  2. And Mary J. Blige, she's got all these fur coats and hats and stuff. She's good; I like her.
  3. A woman's chastity consists, like an onion, of a series of coats.
  4. Fantastic! Right in the middle of that long stretch between Christmas and Spring Break, your coats are getting dirty, everything's dark, dingy- what a great time for a movie!
  5. Bill Mitchell said he really liked it. But when he asked the other four their opinions, we all took one look at ourselves in our raggedy long winter coats and cracked up. We knew we weren't likely to tempt anyone or anything, but what the hell, it was as good a name as any.

Rhymes for coats:

  1. goats, oates, oats, moats, quotes, boats, gloats, motes, bloats, throats, cotes, dotes, votes, floats, notes, totes;
  2. denotes, devotes, promotes, connotes;