How To Spell concerning?

Correct spelling: concerning

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What are the rhymes for concerning?

  1. yearning;
  2. churning, learning, burning, earning, spurning, turning;
  3. discerning, returning, adjourning;

What are the translations for concerning?

Afrikaans word for Concerning


Arabic word for Concerning

مُخْتَصّ ب.

Bengali word for Concerning


Chinese word for Concerning


French words for Concerning

sur, concernant, relatif à, au sujet de, préoccupant, sobre, troublant.

German words for Concerning

wegen, hinsichtlich, betreffend, betreffs.

Greek word for Concerning

σχετικά με.

Hindi word for Concerning

विषय में.

Italian word for Concerning


Japanese words for Concerning

ときたら, と来たら, ・・・に関して.

Javanese word for Concerning


Korean word for Concerning

...에 관하여.

Malay word for Concerning


Marathi word for Concerning


Norwegian word for Concerning


Polish word for Concerning


Portuguese words for Concerning

relativa, a respeito de, relativos, no que diz respeito a.

Romanian word for Concerning


Spanish words for Concerning

O, referente a, acerca de, relativo a, con respecto de, a propósito de, en lo referente a, por lo que corresponde a.

Swedish word for Concerning


Turkish word for Concerning


Ukrainian word for Concerning

приймаючи до уваги.

Vietnamese word for Concerning

liên quan đến.