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Correct spelling: darwin


Common misspellings for darwin:

darwins, darwing, dawin, darvin, carwin, dawrin.

Darwin \d(a)-rwin, dar-win\

dear friend
Darwin as a boy's name is pronounced DAR-win. It is of Old English origin, and the meaning of Darwin is "dear friend". Historical: Charles Darwin, 19th-century naturalist, was the first major exponent of human evolution.
Related names:
Darrin, Darin, Durwin.
Darwyn, Derwynn, Darwon, Derwin.

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Examples of usage for darwin:

  1. And there can be no doubt Mr. Darwin intended that the change of front should escape us; for it cannot be believed that he did not perfectly well know what he had done. "Luck or Cunning?" , Samuel Butler.
  2. Besides, Mr. Darwin does not say point blank " we may believe," or " we ought to believe;" he only says " may we not believe?" "Luck or Cunning?" , Samuel Butler.
  3. Many breed with a certain success, and even rush to the top for a time in the show- yard, but it is only those described by Darwin who will finally succeed. "Cattle and Cattle-breeders" , William M'Combie.

Quotes for darwin:

  1. I hope I may have succeeded in presenting to you, however imperfectly, the currents of thought due to the work of the immortal Darwin which have helped to make anthropology what it is at the present time. - Franz Boas
  2. If you have Darwin, Christ and Nietzsche, they're all going to talk at once. You need somebody who listens. - David Duchovny
  3. Darwin himself recorded the fact that he accepted the Malthusian idea. - Trofim Lysenko
  4. Mr. Darwin refers to the multitude of the individual of every species, which, from one cause or another, perish either before, or soon after attaining maturity. - Richard Owen
  5. Darwin( 1859) recognized the fact that paleontology then seemed to provide evidence against rather for evolution in general or the gradual origin of taxonomic categories in particular. - George G. Simpson

Rhymes for darwin:

  1. garwin, marwin.
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