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Correct spelling: distention


Definition of distention:

  1. The act of distending; the state of being distended; space occupied by the thing distended.

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Examples of usage for distention:

  1. The distention by which he began to express his emotion appeared to be increasing; his slender throat swelled as his cheeks puffed. "Penrod and Sam" , Booth Tarkington.
  2. There was a distention of eyeballs and a pulpy shapelessness to her body which gave the impression of advanced physical deterioration- that peculiar kind of breaking down, often noticeable among psychics of long practice. "She Buildeth Her House" , Will Comfort.
  3. In his zeal of practice and desire to attain a perfectly independent action for each finger on the piano, Schumann devised some machinery, the result of which was to weaken the sinews of his third finger by undue distention. "The Great German Composers" , George T. Ferris.
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