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Correct spelling: doctrine

Definition of doctrine:

  1. A thing taught; a principle laid down as true by an instructor or master; dogma; the truth taught; teaching; learning; knowledge.

Common misspellings for doctrine:

doctarin, docterine.


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Examples of usage for doctrine:

  1. Doctrine primarily signifies that which is taught; principle, the fundamental basis on which the teaching rests. A doctrine is reasoned out, and may be defended by reasoning; a dogma rests on authority, as of direct revelation, the decision of the church, etc. A doctrine or dogma is a statement of some one item of belief; a creed is a summary of doctrines or dogmas. Dogma has commonly, at the present day, an offensive signification, as of a belief arrogantly asserted. Tenet is simply that which is held, and is applied to a single item of belief; it is a neutral word, neither approving nor condemning; we speak of the doctrines of our own church; of the tenets of others. A precept relates not to belief, but to conduct. Compare FAITH; LAW. –  by
  2. What his particular doctrine was I did not inquire, nor did I wish for any information on that point. – Afoot in England by W.H. Hudson
  3. I do not know what his doctrine is, and I assume no responsibility for it. – They Call Me Carpenter by Upton Sinclair