How To Spell especially?

Correct spelling: especially

What is the definition of especially?

  1. In an especial degree.

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What are the rhymes for especially?

  1. specially, freshly;

What are the translations for especially?

Afrikaans word for Especially


Arabic word for Especially


Bengali word for Especially


Chinese words for Especially

尤其, 尤其是, 尤为, 格外, 尤指.

Dutch words for Especially

bijzonder, speciaal, zeker, vooral, voornamelijk.

French words for Especially

particulièrement, surtout, principalement, spécialement, singulièrement.

German words for Especially

gerade, speziell, insbesondere, besonders, vor allem, hauptsächlich, sonderlich, zumal, vornehmlich, extra, namentlich, erst recht, auserlesen.

Greek word for Especially


Italian word for Especially


Japanese words for Especially

とりわけ, とくに, とりわけて, 殊に, 改めて, 立てて, ひときわ, 取り分け, 別して, 一際, あらためて, ことさら, 取り分, 就中, 一きわ, べっして, 取分, 新ためて, 異に, 取りわけ, 一入, 取分けて, なかんづく, 殊更, なかんずく, 取り分けて, たてて.

Javanese word for Especially


Malay word for Especially


Polish words for Especially

zwłaszcza, szczególnie.

Portuguese words for Especially

particularmente, sobretudo, de modo especial.

Romanian word for Especially


Spanish words for Especially

especialmente, sobre todo, principalmente, concretamente, en especial, máxime, excepcionalmente.

Vietnamese word for Especially

đặc biệt là.