How To Spell Everything?

Correct spelling: Everything

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What are the translations for Everything?

Arabic word for Everything

كُلُّ شَيْء.

Chinese words for Everything

一切, 事事, 一切事物, 凡事, 诸事, 诸凡百事, 每件事物.

French word for Everything


German words for Everything

alles, alt, tot.

Greek word for Everything


Hindi word for Everything

सब कुछ.

Italian word for Everything


Japanese words for Everything

何でも, 物事, 何にでも, なんでも, みな, 万事, 一式, ものごと, なににも, なににでも, 庶事, ひゃくじ, 万端, 萬, みなみな, 万事万端, ばんたん, ばんじばんたん, ことごと, 何ごと, 諸事, よろず, 洗い浚い, 事事, 洗いざらい, 百事, たき, しょじ, ばんじ, いっさい, しょじばんたん, 何にも, 諸事万端, それもこれも, あらいざらい.

Javanese word for Everything


Korean word for Everything

모든 것.

Malay word for Everything


Polish word for Everything


Portuguese word for Everything


Spanish word for Everything


Swedish word for Everything


Vietnamese word for Everything

mọi thứ.