How To Spell farmer?

Correct spelling: farmer

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What are the rhymes for farmer?

  1. armour, armor, harmer, marmer, charmer;

What are the translations for farmer?

Arabic word for Farmer


Chinese words for Farmer

牧场主, 农夫.

Dutch words for Farmer

boer, landbouwer, akkerbouwer, agrariër, teler.

French words for Farmer

agriculteur, fermier, éleveur, cultivateur, paysan, exploitant, agricultrice.

German words for Farmer

Bauer, Landwirt, Farmer, Landmann, Landfrau, Farmerin, Landwirtin.

Greek word for Farmer


Italian words for Farmer

agricoltore, contadino, fattore, allevatore, coltivatore, massaro.

Japanese words for Farmer

農家, お百姓さん, 農業従事者, ファーマー, 農場主, おひゃくしょうさん, のうぎょうか, 農人, のうじょうしゅ, のうぎょうじゅうじしゃ, のうにん, 物作り, 栽培家, 物造り, 物づくり, のうか, さいばいか, ものづくり, 農業家, のうじん, ものつくり.

Korean word for Farmer


Malay word for Farmer


Norwegian word for Farmer


Polish word for Farmer


Portuguese word for Farmer


Spanish words for Farmer

productor, agricultor, granjero, campesino, ganadero, labrador, ranchero.

Swedish word for Farmer


Vietnamese word for Farmer

trang chủ.