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How To Spell fertilization?

Correct spelling: fertilization

What are the misspellings for fertilization ?

  • feminisation,
  • rertilization,
  • overutilization,
  • fertolization,
  • finilazation,
  • fer5ilization,
  • familiarsation,
  • fertalisation,
  • utillization,
  • utilazation,
  • firtilization,
  • f4rtilization,
  • utiliazation,
  • fertillization,
  • fertklization,
  • gertilization,
  • fertalization,
  • utilisation,
  • fertilizition,
  • fedtilization,
  • fertulization,
  • fertil9zation,
  • finialization,
  • fertilozation,
  • utililzation,
  • fertikization,
  • reutilization,
  • fertilizaton,
  • fertilizstion,
  • fertilizqtion,
  • fertiliziation,
  • fratinization,
  • fert8lization,
  • fertilkzation,
  • fertilizatoin,
  • utiliziation,
  • fettilization,
  • fertilation,
  • dertilization,
  • revitilizartion,
  • weatherlization,
  • f3rtilization,
  • fertilaztion,
  • fertjlization,
  • virtulisation,
  • furtalision,
  • revitilzation,
  • vertilization,
  • fertilzation,
  • fertilisation,
  • feftilization,
  • fdrtilization,
  • fergilization,
  • captilization,
  • fertization,
  • utilziation,
  • ulitlization,
  • tertilization,
  • fertilizztion,
  • revitialization,
  • fertil8zation,
  • revitilization,
  • feryilization,
  • ferilization,
  • fertipization,
  • fsrtilization,
  • fertlilization,
  • fertilizwtion,
  • fertiluzation,
  • fwrtilization,
  • sterlization,
  • fer6ilization,
  • fertiliization,
  • ferfilization,
  • revitlization,
  • revitilazation,
  • fe5tilization,
  • virtulization,
  • utiliization,
  • ferrilization,
  • fertiljzation,
  • fertilizatiion,
  • feetilization,
  • fertiloisation,
  • ultilization,
  • verbailization,
  • frrtilization,
  • fertilazation,
  • fe4tilization,
  • utilitzation,
  • utilzation,
  • virtulazation,
  • fetilization,
  • fertioization,
  • sterlisation,
  • certilization,
  • feritilization,
  • federalisation,
  • revitalzation,
  • fert9lization.

What is the definition of fertilization?

  1. Fecundation.

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What are the usage examples for fertilization?

  1. He added that wheat was usually grown on the same land for several years without any attempt at fertilization – A Prairie Courtship by Harold Bindloss

What are the quotes for fertilization?

  1. Each year thousands of embryos, no bigger than the head of a pin, are created in the process of in vitro fertilization, with the support of Congress, by the way.
  2. There are, as is known, insects that die in the moment of fertilization. So it is with all joy: life's highest, most splendid moment of enjoyment is accompanied by death.
  3. You cannot be against embryonic stem cell research and be intellectually and therefore morally consistent, if you're not also against in vitro fertilization.
  4. Neither sex, without some fertilization of the complimentary characters of the other, is capable of the highest reaches of human endeavor.
  5. The moment -of -conception fallacy implies that fertilization is a simple process with never a doubt as to whether it has or has not happened.

What are the rhymes for fertilization?

  1. dehydration, quantification, irritation, fragmentation, instigation, recantation, frustration, complication, annexation, infiltration, dislocation, tabulation, decapitation, distillation, elaboration, association, disembarkation, configuration, consecration, dilatation, declaration, deformation, donation, appropriation, fermentation, nonproliferation, exoneration, escalation, importation, transplantation, reexamination, gentrification, radiation, consolation, evacuation, levitation, taxation, ossification, regulation, dedication, bifurcation, augmentation, desolation, oscillation, localization, destination, disorganization, vaporization, reinterpretation, destabilization, connotation, urbanization, reforestation, articulation, respiration, gastrulation, croatian, operation, falsification, evaluation, organisation, relaxation, reaffiliation, balkanization, invalidation, ventilation, determination, clarification, sanctification, incrustation, reorganization, oration, concatenation, imitation, categorization, participation, reunification, celebration, subordination, constipation, magnification, location, detonation, insinuation, commemoration, arbitration, propagation, denomination, subluxation, misinformation, ionization, termination, modification, dalmatian, disinclination, defamation, affrication, disinflation, saturation, rationalization, preservation, lubrication, machination, remediation, strangulation, eradication, mechanization, repatriation, triangulation, recommendation, nullification, excavation, allegation, evocation, socialization, proration, ovulation, amplification, dissipation, admiration, inauguration, demobilization, ligation, suburbanization, coronation, education, incubation, relocation, discontinuation, saponification, vilification, disqualification, sarmatian, vacillation, fabrication, federation, simplification, conjugation, foliation, implication, telecommunication, emanation, neutralization, inundation, gestation, nondiscrimination, stagnation, electrification, motivation, cogitation, realization, explication, conservation, validation, stagflation, liquidation, perspiration, discoloration, consolidation, stipulation, amalgamation, adaptation, irrigation, agitation, integration, sedimentation, sophistication, privatisation, depravation, figuration, laceration, substantiation, overpopulation, reevaluation, reallocation, irradiation, accumulation, allocation, amortization, regimentation, separation, orchestration, summation, designation, mitigation, exacerbation, permutation, renomination, interpretation, infatuation, extrapolation, computerization, glaciation, emulation, fumigation, depredation, prefabrication, origination, instrumentation, generation, optation, intimation, sterilization, mutation, confrontation, gasification, libration, vegetation, replication, aviation, plantation, remuneration, graduation, approximation, qualification, obligation, codification, hibernation, misrepresentation, equalization, information, humiliation, jubilation, retardation, commendation, restoration, incantation, limitation, relation, naturalization, litigation, titillation, conglomeration, alleviation, denunciation, inactivation, dictation, filtration, westernization, exploration, presentation, coordination, installation, aspiration, globalization, hesitation, deceleration, probation, elation, affirmation, dissertation, inhabitation, miscalculation, trepidation, reconfiguration, continuation, democratization, deprivation, modulation, disintegration, variation, improvisation, differentiation, situation, observation, exploitation, organization, appellation, demodulation, visualization, imputation, occupation, toleration, magnetization, elongation, liberalization, horatian, centralization, animation, victimization, adjudication, evaporation, reauthorization, refutation, amputation, cohabitation, colonization, cultivation, oxidation, hybridization, marginalization, miscreation, confirmation, initiation, elimination, vaccination, rotation, sequestration, intoxication, congregation, hydration, experimentation, echolocation, adoration, procrastination, impregnation, demonstration, confiscation, assassination, valuation, revaluation, avocation, affectation, hyperinflation, alienation, criminalization, fibrillation, gradation, exfoliation, legislation, incrimination, legalization, reformation, crustacean, implementation, immigration, confabulation, industrialization, aggravation, glorification, incorporation, optimization, mediation, conciliation, implantation, collectivization, dramatization, reverberation, advocation, dilation, collaboration, mineralization, corp, sedation, characterization, expectation, exhortation, formulation, ramification, vulgarization, pressurization, constellation, authorization, decoration, recitation, punctuation, reincarnation, altercation, gyration, profanation, infestation, adulation, obfuscation, justification, miscommunication, cooperation, revocation, desperation, rumination, domination, nationalization, perturbation, flotation, premeditation, certification, prognostication, recalculation, renegotiation, starvation, preoccupation, ornamentation, redecoration, coagulation, consummation, translation, segmentation, exhilaration, solicitation, ordination, enumeration, christianization, interrogation, miniaturization, desalination, proliferation, mobilization, dispensation, agglomeration, ostentation, decontamination, reconciliation, incoordination, concentration, inspiration, expatriation, appreciation, illumination, intonation, revelation, explanation, preparation, temptation, pagination, narration, insubordination, pacification, verification, hallucination, desalinization, expropriation, rehydration, regeneration, utilization, pontification, isolation, backwardation, investigation, recreation, assimilation, demarcation, menstruation, incarceration, navigation, reconsideration, personalization, prostration, indexation, degeneration, classification, overvaluation, recuperation, privation, reaffirmation, ministration, affiliation, deportation, application, annotation, exaggeration, compilation, capitulation, multiplication, incapacitation, contemplation, demonization, politicization, depreciation, ejaculation, excommunication, inflation, indentation, ovation, securitization, exclamation, conversation, calibration, reclassification, renovation, pronunciation, stalinization, meditation, simulation, tribulation, renunciation, indoctrination, annihilation, proclamation, publication, divination, fluctuation, corporation, standardization, consultation, decertification, visitation, cancellation, reiteration, documentation, approbation, population, procreation, misapplication, ratification, refrigeration, degradation, deviation, exhumation, indication, insemination, deflation, argumentation, transportation, predestination, reclamation, derivation, mutilation, alteration, culmination, specification, malformation, demoralization, exhalation, exasperation, palpitation, perforation, desiccation, resignation, transillumination, indemnification, rectification, equivocation, liberation, dissemination, negation, reparation, polarization, fascination, damnation, reservation, coloration, deregulation, usurpation, foundation, resuscitation, hydrogenation, manipulation, privatization, dissociation, condemnation, molestation, modernization, excitation, manifestation, appalachian, emigration, syndication, disinformation, miseration, commercialization, expiration, orientation, domestication, unionization, discrimination, innovation, revitalization, sanitation, reputation, vocation, protestation, desecration, convocation, notification, pasteurization, identification, automation, subsidization, corroboration, mummification, unification, fluoridation, granulation, deforestation, representation, russification, retaliation, vacation, undervaluation, correlation, quotation, nomination, violation, anticipation, reinvigoration, embarkation, insulation, stabilization, imagination, depopulation, cremation, misidentification, self-congratulation, indignation, speculation, computation, inhalation, inclination, civilization, confederation, maximization, deification, fortification, perpetuation, inflammation, gratification, harmonization, personification, examination, precipitation, disorientation, condensation, authentication, conflagration, detoxification, misinterpretation, pollination, equitation, transformation, negotiation, vindication, intimidation, popularization, edification, calculation, gravitation, duration, illustration, purification, stimulation, suffocation, delegation, migration, deliberation, moderation, dehumanization, pigmentation, creation, elevation, intensification, estimation, combination, maturation, communization, recrimination, monopolization, emancipation, incarnation, inoculation, disputation, sensation, rejuvenation, consternation, lactation, congratulation, denationalization, consideration, fixation, communication, contamination, hospitalization, rehabilitation, extermination, amelioration, vibration, invocation, duplication, repudiation, impersonation, salvation, registration, medication, generalization, formation, delineation, nucleation, decentralization, diversification, desegregation, rededication, germination, provocation, habitation, nitration, masturbation, recertification, specialization, flirtation, compensation, facilitation, segregation, reconfirmation, devastation, devaluation, misappropriation, reflation, invitation, notation, normalization, immunization;
  2. nation, haitian, station, ration;
  3. cessation, castration, causation, cetacean, carnation, citation, alsatian;
  4. acclimation, abrogation, activation, aberration, accusation, abdication;
  5. abomination, acceleration, accommodation, accreditation, abbreviation;
  6. alphabetization, acidification, cannibalization, capitalization;
  7. decriminalization, americanization, antidiscrimination, demilitarization;
  8. internationalization, institutionalization;

What are the translations for fertilization?

Afrikaans word for Fertilization


Arabic word for Fertilization


Bengali word for Fertilization


French word for Fertilization


German word for Fertilization


Hindi word for Fertilization


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Marathi word for Fertilization


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Swedish words for Fertilization

befruktning, fertilisering.

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Turkish word for Fertilization