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How To Spell grin?

Correct spelling: grin

Definition of grin:

  1. to draw back the lips and reveal the teeth, in a smile, grimace, or snarl

List of misspellings for grin:

  • grren,
  • guinue,
  • craing,
  • crimne,
  • grillin,
  • vrani,
  • prin,
  • qu'ran,
  • garmin,
  • gaine,
  • geringer,
  • growin,
  • aguring,
  • juring,
  • irain,
  • graisn,
  • miagrain,
  • grity,
  • goiin,
  • gardn,
  • guing,
  • griil,
  • gogin,
  • gicen,
  • grawn,
  • gradn,
  • cragin,
  • gren,
  • gran,
  • jrdan,
  • trin,
  • migrain,
  • crian,
  • geren,
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What does the abbreviation grin mean?

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Alexander Grin house museum


Museum in Stary Krym

There are four Alexander Grin House Museums. The first one is a house museum in the last place of residence of Russian writer Alexander Grin which was in Stary Krym, Crimea, Russia. There is another Grin museum in Crimea in the nearby city of Theodosia. There is a third Alexander Grin museum in Russia, in Vyatka.

Big Wide Grin


Studio album by Keb' Mo'

Big Wide Grin is the sixth studio album by Keb' Mo', it was released in 2001 by the Sony Wonder record label.

East Autumn Grin


Album by Matthew Ryan

East Autumn Grin is Matthew Ryan's second album. It was released on August 15, 2000 on A&M Records.

Skinny Grin


Album by Acoustic Ladyland

Skinny Grin is a 2006 album by Acoustic Ladyland, featuring the singles "Salt Water" and "Cuts & Lies". It was recorded at Eastcote Studios in London, engineered by Philip Bagenal and Al O'Connell.

The Sawtooth Grin



The Sawtooth Grin is a mathcore band from Montrose, New York, formed in 1999. The group's first and only official release, Cuddlemonster, was put out on the now defunct label Dead by 1918 in 2001.

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This graph shows how "grin" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for grin:

  1. The order of the world is always right- such is the judgment of God. For God has departed, but he has left his judgment behind, the way the Cheshire Cat left his grin.
  2. There must be something solemn, serious, and tender about any attitude which we denominate religious. If glad, it must not grin or snicker; if sad, it must not scream or curse.
  3. Prometheus is reaching out for the stars with an empty grin on his face.
  4. Wit is a weapon. Jokes are a masculine way of inflicting superiority. But humor is the pursuit of a gentle grin, usually in solitude.
  5. Michael was very specific during rehearsals. When he was pleased, he always had this charming grin.

Rhymes for grin:

  1. pin, tin, knin, glynn, gwynne, gwinn, guin, brin, din, skin, when, linn, lwin, rhin, wynne, winn, brinn, kinn, chin, spin, gin, linne, shin, yin, guinn, lyn, quin, qin, lynne, gwin, bryn, ginn, win, bin, vin, lin, trinh, gyn, minh, gwynn, flinn, fin, kin, gwyn, winne, rihn, glyn, lynn, inn, sin, flynn, wynn, min, rinn, linh, quinn, jin, pinn, twin, thin, been, in, finn, dinh;
  2. akin, kaylynn, therein, emlyn, chagrin, begin, adin, within, eldwin, aswin, herein, alpin, berlin, wherein, has-been, allin;
  3. violin, menuhin;

Translations for grin:

French words for Grin

sourire, rictus.

Portuguese words for Grin

sorrir, gracejo, sorriso forçado.

Spanish words for Grin

sonrisa, mueca, sonrisita.