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Spell Check of croquet

Correct spelling: croquet


Definition of croquet:

  1. An open- air game played with balls and mallets.
  2. To send off another's ball by striking one's own in contact with it.

Common misspellings for croquet:

crouquet, croket, croqet.

Croquet \c-ro-quet\

Croquet as a boy's name is a variant of Crockett (Middle English), and the meaning of Croquet is "crook".
Crocket, Croquett.

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This graph shows how "croquet" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for croquet:

  1. Creussner, F., Nuremberg printer, 63, 108 Cromwell, Thomas, Earl of, arms on title of Great Bible, 260 Croquet, Jean, of Geneva, first edition of Roman de la Rose attributed to, 160 note Cross, the Holy, block- book history of, 118 Cunningham, William, his Cosmographicall Glasse, 218, 261 Dalles, Jean, Lyonnese wood- cutter, 159 Daniel, Rev. "Fine Books" , Alfred W. Pollard.
  2. " If that boy of Norcott's isn't a scamp, he must be a most unteachable young rascal," said an old colonel once to Eccles on the croquet ground. "That Boy Of Norcott's" , Charles James Lever.

Quotes for croquet:

  1. The game of golf would lose a great deal if croquet mallets and billiard cues were allowed on the putting green. - Ernest Hemingway
  2. Croquet is tough. People play for months because the rules are so bizarre. Those crazy English. - Jane Kaczmarek

Rhymes for croquet:

  1. aaa, attache, bouvier, bta, bua, cabaret, cabernet, cea, chevrolet, dak, disarray, disobey, ekk, faberge, fiance, intraday, ira, ita, jna, lyonnais, monterey, monterrey, overplay, overstay, perrier, piaget, underplay, underway, uva.
  2. abbe, allay, array, asay, astray, away, b-j, ballet, beauvais, belay, beret, betray, bombay, bouquet, buffet, cache, cafe, calais, carre, cathay, chalet, cliche, convey, crochet, da, decay, defray, delay, delray, dismay, display, dk, dossier, ek, essay, filet, fillet, ga, gervais, ha, halfway, hervey, hooray, hurray, jose, levey, mackay, macrae, manet, mccrea, mckay, mcveigh, millay, monet, moray, nikkei, nisei, o'shea, obey, oj, okay, olay, ole, orsay, parquet, passe, portray, prepay, puree, purvey, rene, renee, repay, replay, risque, saute, sergei, soiree, sorbet, souffle, survey, today, toupee, valet.
  3. ae, ay, bay, bey, blay, brae, bray, brey, ca, cay, che, clay, cray, dae, day, daye, de, dey, dray, drey, fay, faye, fe, fey, flay, fray, frey, gaye, gray, graye, grey, gway, hay, haye, hey, hwe, j, jae, jay, jaye, k, kay, kaye, khe, klay, lait, lay, lei, ley, mae, may, maye, mei, mey, nay, ne, neigh, nej, ney, pay, paye, pei, play, pray, prey, quai, quay, rae, ray, raye, re, rey, say, saye, se, shay, shea, slay, sleigh, spray, sta, stay, stray, sway, sze, tae, tay, they, tray, trey, vey, way, waye, wei, weigh, wey, whey, wray, wy, yay, yea.
  4. asea, cabriolet, ceta, communique, foia, hiaa, naivete, noaa.
  5. waga.
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