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Correct spelling: distiller

Definition of distiller:

  1. One whose occupation is the distillation of spirits. A distiller's chemist, one who supplies materials used in distillation.

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Examples of usage for distiller:

  1. The Count's father, it appears, was a distiller of great wealth in his day, and a man of action. – A Fool and His Money by George Barr McCutcheon
  2. And now if Alice was relieved of the duty of spelling through the doleful strains of 'Dream Faces, ' she was forced to go round and round with the distiller until an extra glass of port forced the old gentleman to beg mercy of Mrs. Barton. – Muslin by George Moore

Rhymes for distiller:

  1. filler, miller, pillar, schiller, spiller, thriller, tiller, driller, piller, siller, willer, chiller, stiller, hiller, millar, biller, giller;