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Spell Check of maria

Correct spelling: maria

Definition of maria:

1) valuable timber tree of Panama

2) a dark region of considerable extent on the surface of the moon

Common misspellings for maria:

  • maira (33%)
  • marai (11%)
  • maris (7%)
  • mara (7%)
  • marias (7%)
  • mariea (7%)
  • marica (4%)
  • maaria (4%)
  • gratuitious (4%)
  • diety (4%)
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Maria as a boy's name (also used as girl's name Maria), is related to Maryland.

Sounds Like: Morio, Mario, Mar-, Mareo, Maro, Marr, Mar, Maurio, Maurie, Mori.




Meaning: star of the sea

Origin: Latin

Maria as a girl's name is pronounced mah-REE-ah. It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Maria is "star of the sea". Variant for Mary used in English-speaking countries in the 18th century, and popular with both Spanish and non-Spanish cultures. Revived in the 20th century due to the popularity of "West Side Story", with its famous ballad "Maria". Marie, the French variant, was the preferred form of Mary in England until about the time of the Reformation. Mariah (ma-RYE-ah) has greatly increased in popularity, due to singer Mariah Carey. Maria and Marie are very often blended with other names and suffixes. See also Manon, Mari, Maribel, Marisa, Mia, and Ria. Singer Maria Muldaur; TV journalist Maria Shriver.

Related names: Mimi, Mai, Malia, Marlene, Melita, Mercedes.

Sounds Like: Moria, Marra, Mara.

Variants: Moriah, Maree, Mariah, Marialena, Marialinda, Marialisa, Marie, Marieanne, Marielena, Marietta, Mariette, Marika, Marja, Marya, Mayra, Mayria, Moraiah.

Examples of usage for maria:

1) Do you hear that, Maria? - "A Houseful of Girls", Sarah Tytler.

2) No, no, Maria, the gentleman assured her with a smile, far from it. - "A Houseful of Girls", Sarah Tytler.

3) You don't understand Robinson, Maria. - "A Houseful of Girls", Sarah Tytler.

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