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Spell Check of girl

Correct spelling: girl


Definition of girl:

  1. A female child; a young woman; a roebuck of two years old.

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This graph shows how "girl" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for girl:

  1. Never he tell his girl what he do here- no, b'gosh, he don't.
  2. What is it, little girl?
  3. Why, I know this little girl.

Quotes for girl:

  1. I was a little girl in World War II and I'm used to being freed by Americans. - Madeleine Albright
  2. A girl came up to me in a bar and said she wanted to be my apple pie. I wish I'd said something cool, but I was stunned. - Jason Biggs
  3. Given that there was that era of girl group music and it's still very popular, but I think if you looked at the chart from that time you would see many more men on it. Because the industry, they were catering to young girls. I mean, that's what they thought their audience was. - Lesley Gore
  4. Let any pretty girl announce a divorce in Hollywood and the wolves come running. Fresh meat for the beast, and they are always hungry. - Hedy Lamarr
  5. Actually, I've only been involved with one girl I worked with. It was Alyssa Milano. We didn't actually have an onscreen kiss- we're about to but it gets broken up. - Scott Wolf

Rhymes for girl:

  1. berle, birle, burl, curl, earl, earle, erl, herl, hurl, kerl, merl, merle, pearl, pearle, perl, perle, searle, shirl, swirl, twirl, whirl, whorl, wurl.
  2. unfurl.

Idioms for girl:

  1. the boy/ girl next door
  2. a call girl
  3. a golden boy/ girl
  4. a glamour girl/ puss
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