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Spell Check of revitalize

Correct spelling: revitalize


Common misspellings for revitalize:

  • revitalise (50%)
  • revitilize (26%)
  • revitlize (7%)
  • reviatilize (5%)
  • reviatlize (5%)
  • revitilise (5%)
  • revatilize (2%)
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Google Ngram Viewer results for revitalize:

This graph shows how "revitalize" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for revitalize:

  1. We lack the flare for spectacular exploits; and even the war, which was to cleanse and revitalize the world, has left us very much as we were, the victims of integrity. "Command" , William McFee.
  2. We face other important domestic needs: to continue responsibility for the disadvantaged; to provide the capital needed by our cities and our transportation systems; to protect our environment; to revitalize American industry; and to increase the export of American goods and services so essential to the creation of jobs and a trade surplus. "State of the Union Addresses of Jimmy Carter" , Jimmy Carter.

Quotes for revitalize:

  1. This is a crisis, but there is an opportunity to help revitalize and renew the Catholic community. - William P. Leahy
  2. Maybe the body learns from dreams. Maybe the muscles, the neutrons, revitalize. - Michael Zaslow
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